Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“A Simple Favor 2”: A sequel to the famous production will be made. The stars will return to their roles

As reported by the Production List portal, photos for the second part “A Simple Favor” will start on April 8.

The main roles in “Simple Favor 2” will feature Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, who will reprise the roles of Stephanie Smothers and Emily Nelson.

Paul Feig will again be behind the camera, and the script was prepared by Jessica Sharzer, the author of the original plot.

Stephanie (Kendrick) is a charming but quite naive and innocent young mother for whom the height of transgression and risk is crossing the street when a red light is on. Emily (Lively) is a beautiful, liberated, successful woman who holds her life by the horns. The ladies meet at their sons’ school and immediately become friends. Friends need to support each other, so Stephanie agrees to pick up Emily’s son from school one day. It would be just a simple favor if not for the fact that Emily doesn’t show up to pick up the baby. And this for the next few days. Good-natured Stephanie decides to help Emily’s handsome husband search for his wife. She will soon find out how little she knew about her best friend…

‘A Simple Favor’ is great entertainment, funny and stylish, and at the same time an intelligent and unpretentious film. It draws the viewer into solving an exciting mystery, engages in a non-committal way, and that’s the kind of films I love,” said Blake Lively.

“I think it’s an interesting film that provides entertainment, and at the same time, although it will make the audience laugh, it is not a comedy. There is a lot of darkness in it,” assured Anna Kendrick.