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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

A failure of the production of “M jak miłość”! Fans noticed one detail and immediately pointed it out

In the 1780 episode “M like love” viewers noticed a detail that turned out to be a production error. Again, this is related to the Zduńskis’ story.

Previously, there had been a lot of talk about production mishaps, when the series’ twins were swapped in hospital scenes, and when Piotrek fought Igor instead of Paweł! There was also an error in Franka’s stolen passport, according to which she was 50 years old.

The latest mistake concerns Zduński and Nowakowski. In the 1780 episode we see a group consisting of Franka, Paweł, Eli and Artur going to the river. Zduńska decides to enter the river without the men and disappears from her friend’s sight. Nowakowski and Zduński rush to help the woman.

Viewers found one mistake in this scene. After the rescue, when Zduński thanks Nowakowski for his help, even though his hair is wet, his clothes are dry, which shouldn’t be the case since he rushed to save drowning people.

Viewers did not refrain from making sarcastic comments: “It’s strange weather that clothes dry faster than hair.”