Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Your face sounds familiar. The best”: She was second to none. “Moving”

Episode “Your face sounds familiar. The best” this time he started the performance… of the jurors who sangand “Welcome to our fairy tale” playing iconic characters from “Mr. Kleks Academy”.

She was the first to appear on stage Maria Tyszkiewicz. During rehearsals, the actress first had to free her head and finally relax her body. She received such recommendations from Maciej Zakliczyński. This required gaining self-confidence, which was evidently achieved quickly, because the performance as… Dua Lipa with a song “Houdini” was perfect. She noticed it Małgorzata Walewskawhich she expressed by standing up: “Marynia, you did a great job! I’m impressed that even though you kept up with the dancers, you sang cleanly. Everything was beautifully based. For a moment, I really had doubts as to whether you really sang yourself. Well, just great!” – she said.

Another dancer performed, Stefano Terrazzino, who as FR David had to show off his falsetto skills and also get rid of his Italian temperament for a moment. He performed a hit on stage “Words”a Robert Janowski rated it: “Was great. You were even better than him, because when he performs, his body doesn’t say anything. He just looks like a pole in the original. And you added something, i.e. you were better than FR David. I love you, Stefan. You are ready to eat” – said the juror.

Filip Summer he was not satisfied with the chosen song, because taking on female roles had always been a challenge for him. Sylwia Grzeszczak she kept him awake at night. But did he manage to do it and the song? “dream about future” didn’t she beat him? And this is where the assessment started first Małgorzata Walewska.

“Filip, I am very impressed by your incredible focus and consistency in holding the role as seriously as possible while it was an extremely entertaining situation. Vocally impeccable, although it had nothing to do with Sylwia Grzeszczak at all. Your vocals are wonderful, when you entered the upper registers you even sounded like a woman. You look like a DDR player on steroids. I admire your self-distance, I admire your vocal talent and I admire you in general, and I am glad that summer is coming soon. cool” – shared the opera artist.

The winner of the first episode, that is Katarzyna Skrzynecka, she was enchanted by the role assigned to her. In preparation by Kasia Hanna Ordonówna you could feel the magic from the first try. And she did it! She took us to the cinema of the 1930s in the song “At the first sign”. Her performance moved the audience and the jury. The greatest musical romantic, Robert Janowski, summed it up this way: “I like being enchanted. You changed me so much, you enchanted me so much, my heart softened so much. Kaśka, where did you come from? Wonderfully” – he said.

A soul ballad about love fell into my hands Mateusz Ziółkowho appeared as Sam Smith. The participant mastered this beautiful lyrical song “I’m Not The Only One” getting rid of his natural hoarseness and rock nature. The first judge was the only woman on the jury, Małgorzata Walewska, who first shouted: “Wow!”and then she explained: “Your attention to detail and every sound, the way you perfected its timbre, moving through the falsetto to the top, everything fit together perfectly. I am delighted” – she said.

Kacper Kuszewski using the time machine, he returned to his favorite performance, again playing the role of Maryla Rodowicz, but with a difference. Current performance of the song “Secretary’s slit” was a copy of Maryla’s performance at a concert in former Czechoslovakia, and the previous one was a copy of a music video. It didn’t matter because she was judging him herself Maryla Rodowiczwho stated: “I watched it and was shocked because you were better than Rodowicz”.

Aleksandra Szwed she chose a very emotionally difficult song by a mature and experienced person Cesaria Evora. To reflect the extraordinary mood of this interpretation, she not only did hard work during vocal rehearsals, but above all, she prepared herself as an actor to bring out her true beauty in Cesaria and convey the magic of her voice. He judged very maturely how close it was to the original Piotr Gąsowski: : “You came out like Evoria, with charisma like Evoria, with movement like Evoria. You were a dear old lady, an imperfect singer (especially an imperfect singer), who sang beautifully, but not with a capital S. It’s focused, it’s wise, it’s intelligent, it’s moving. And for that I thank you very much” – he said.

The last performance of the episode was a performance filled with energy Barbara Kurdej-Szatanwho invited her friend on stage – a spontaneous, crazy one Nick Sinckler. They created a duo together: Shakira and Wyclef Jean and they sang “Hips Don’t Lie”. The energy lingered in the air for a long time, which was visible, for example, in the reaction of Robert Janowski, who shouted his assessment: “A great performance worthy of the entertainment program ‘Twój Twarz!!!!’ Sounds familiar!!!’. Great job! It was so casual, no frills. You entered spontaneously, joyfully. Excellent!!!” – said the juror.

Ultimately, she deservedly won the second episode of the program Aleksandra Szwed as Cesaria Evora. She donated a check for PLN 10,000 to the Dom w Łodzi Foundation, which provides a home for sick and abandoned children. Ola has been cooperating with the foundation for 8 years, i.e. since she won her edition and donated PLN 100,000 to it.

1. Aleksandra Szwed

2. Katarzyna Skrzynecka

3. Mateusz Ziółko

4. Maria Tyszkiewicz

5. Barbara Kurdej-Szatan

6. Kacper Kuszewski

7. Filip Lato

8. Stefano Terrazzino