Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Wodecki/Pater at Polsat Hit Festival. Young artists in the repertoire of legends

Polsat Hit Festival 2024 is one of the loudest music events of the season. Concerts take place on May 24 and 25 at the Forest Opera. The biggest stars of Polish music perform on the Sopot stage. Some celebrate grand artistic anniversaries, while others will pay tribute to the legendary artist he was Zbigniew Wodeckipresenting a special project.

The organizers of Polsat Hit Festival have prepared a unique performance. A concert will be presented at the Forest Opera “Wodecki Twist”. Artists of the young generation will present their vocal talents in the timeless repertoire of Zbigniew Wodecki. As part of this special concert, the Sopot stage will feature, among others: Natalia and Paulina Przybysz, David Tyszkowski, Wiktor Waligóra and Wiktor Dyduła.

Artists of the young generation, who do not necessarily fit into the mainstream and are at the beginning of their careers, were invited to the project Wodecki/Pater for one important reason. All thanks to Kamil Patera – guitarist, composer and music producer who created new arrangements of Zbigniew Wodecki's greatest hits. When starting work on a unique project, the artist imagined that he had met the young, debuting Zbigniew, who asked him to come up with musical arrangements for the songs he had just written. Then the musician experienced an impulse and came up with the idea of ​​engaging young, less recognizable vocalists in the “Wodecki Twist” concert.

According to Kamil Pater, young artists introduce to Zbigniew Wodecki's material the extraordinary energy that the legendary creator himself emanated. With new arrangements, the artist wanted to present Wodecki's music as if it had been written and recorded for the first time only now.

Initially, Kamil Pater's project was to be presented only at two Polish festivals: Wodecki Twist and Men's Play in Żywiec. The surprising reception from the audience and the huge interest in the project led to the decision to release a special album “Wodecki/Pater”. New arrangements of the songs that make up the album were recorded live during the festival concert of the Męski Granie orchestra in Żywiec.

“Let this album be a guide to the world that connects generations, moves and inspires” – this is how Kamil Pater described his project.

The material was extremely well received by listeners who still don't have enough of it. Thanks to this, the project will be heard again on festival stages. On May 25, artists of the young generation will present Zbigniew Wodecki's songs at the Polsat Hit Festival, and later also at the Wodecki Twist Festival (June 8) and during Męskie Granie in Gdańsk (July 19). During the concerts, we will hear the greatest hits of the legendary artist, including: “Chałupy welcome to”, “Start with Bach”, “You'll find me again”, “My Grandfather's Maids” Whether “I like going back to where I was”.

Musical projects mentioning the work of Zbigniew Wodecki resound every year on the largest stages and events in Poland. It is organized, among others, the Wodecki Twist festival, during which – for six editions – talented artists of the young generation perform, paying tribute to the legendary musician who died in 2017. The mission of the festival is to break the mold and popularize the musical achievements of Zbigniew Wodecki.

During previous editions of the Wodecki Twist festival, many artists presented their interpretations of the legendary musician's songs. One of the most popular performances that are remembered to this day was the performance Kuba Badach and Neither Rusowicz. During one of the editions, they sang a song as a duet “Tell me like this”. They made a huge impression on the audience, which is why they were later invited several times to the Wodecki Twist festival.

Wodecki Twist also presented itself at previous editions Sławek Uniatowski. He faced the song “I'll take you to the prom tonight”. His performance of Zbigniew Wodecki's piece remained in the memory of the festival participants for just as long.

The legendary musician's work is also remembered in entertainment programs. The character of Zbigniew Wodecki was often played by participants of the Polsat show “Your face sounds familiar”. They tried to recreate iconic songs in the most ideal way possible. One of the most popular parts of the program on the Internet is the performance Mateusz Ziółko. Taking on the role of Wodecki, he sang the song “I like to go back to where I was”, touching the audience, the jurors and other participants.