Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Why was there no place for Luna in the Eurovision final? “I feel sorry for that girl”

Recall that Glow took part in the first semi-final Eurovision 2024. Ultimately, the Pole did not manage to advance to the final. The following people advanced to Saturday's competition thanks to viewers' votes: Portugal, Ireland, Croatia, Finland, Slovenia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Ukraine and Serbia.

Already after the semi-final Glow she spoke up and addressed the fans.

“Dear friends, I'm coming back to you after a night full of excitement. And after an emotional rollercoaster. Thank you very much for being with me and for being with me, for yesterday's performance. I gave it as much as I could. Together with My whole team and I put 200 percent into this performance, with all our hearts and we are very happy with this performance. Remember that there are no losers here, we are all winners, so for me it's a win to be here, to have this great time and to be able to pass it on to you. so much of my energy, my emotions and present what I wanted to present. I hope this song will stay with you and I will return to Poland with new energy, I will be finishing my album and I hope you will be there with me support, for your votes, I hug you very much. We built the tower,” she said in a video on Instagram.

“Certain stages of vocal technique cannot be skipped in a moment. And the ABC of technique (i.e. learning to walk) is good emission on all sounds and good intonation. There was a bit of emission (lower sounds) and intonation (extreme sounds) missing, and you could feel it while moving. tiredness and letting go. First, it's worth learning to walk well and only then take part in the marathon,” she commented shortly after Luna's performance Agnieszka Hekiert.

Already after the semi-final, the following spoke: Marek Sierocki and Elżbieta Zapendowska. The former Eurovision commentator defended the Pole. What did he think was the reason for not advancing to the final?

“Unfortunately, like many other countries, we do not have 'friendly' countries that will always support us in voting. Others are often helped by such alliances. I must admit, I am very sad about it. Especially since it was a great, really successful performance “Luna herself did very well. The choreography was also impressive,” he commented for “Fakt”.

She summed up the semi-final with the participation of the Pole much more harshly Elżbieta Zapendowska. According to her, the committee that selected the participant was to blame.

“I predicted it (Luna's defeat on… Eurovision – editor's note). I'll repeat what I've already said, I feel sorry for this girl. She was let into the lion's mouth, without experience. I guess something (went – editor's note) went wrong. It's not her fault, because she's a young girl, she's entering the industry, she's allowed to do anything. However, it seems to me that those who decided about it don't know life,” she said for Plotka.