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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Who will you call for help? The best stories about detectives!

When we think about a detective, the first thing that comes to mind is usually one gentleman in a cap and with a pipe in his hand, which surprises with its insight. Sherlock Holmes is a character created by Arthur Conan Doyle who has become comfortable in contemporary pop culture. He is one of the most frequently portrayed characters. Who could we watch as a smart and a bit too rude detective?

We could watch Robert Downey Jr. in the film versions of the adventures, as well as Henry Cavill in the adaptation of the story of Enola Holmes.

One of his most beloved creations is probably Sherlock Holmes, whom he played Benedict Cumberbatch in porduction “Sherlock”. The series created by the BBC consists of four seasons and will be available soon, because It will return to Netflix on April 1.

Poirot is a fictional character created by Agatha Christie. He worked as a police officer for a long time and later began his career as a detective. His adventures have long been directed in the form of films and TV series, but in recent years we have been able to see Hercule Poirot in action in two full-length investigations. In 2017, “Murder on the Orient Express” was released, starring Kenneth Branagh. The actor reprized his role as the detective in the 2023 film “Ghosts in Venice”.

The main character of the series “Lupin” is a thief who… draws its inspiration from the novel adventures of a man of a similar profession, who was also a gentleman – Arsen Lupin. Assane decides to avenge his father, who was wrongly accused of stealing diamonds. To do this, he will use not only his thieving skills, but also the tricks he learned thanks to his childhood hero.

The series is described as a “gripping spy thriller” and has a sequel. There are currently three seasons available on Netflix.

“Death Note” is a gem for anime fans who have often started their adventure with this iconic animation. “L” is the nickname of the best detective in the world, he does not reveal his identity, but when the police ask him for help in catching Kira – a serial killer, he does not hesitate and takes up the challenge. He is secretive and distrustful, and unlike the other heroes, he is rather sloppy. However, this is merely a cover for his analytical mind, which is able to connect seemingly disconnected facts. He does not hesitate to take drastic steps and is not afraid of unethical decisions.

The series consists of 37 episodes, which also include supernatural characters and tragic choices. However, it has been delighting fans of original stories for years.

“Detective Monk” was once a hit and enjoyed great success, attracting crowds of fans to TV sets. Viewers were waiting for the next episodes and watched in suspense as the former policeman solved subsequent crime mysteries. He suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder after his wife was murdered, which also affects him professionally as it is the only unsolved case in his career. And he is fantastic at his job: he has a photographic memory, can associate facts, is perceptive and attentive, and has a talent for solving riddles and puzzles.

The series consists of eight seasons, which were recently added to the Netflix library.

The last example, a bit tongue-in-cheek, but such a list could not be created without the best Polish detective in a cassock presented in the series “Father Matthew”. As it turns out, Sandomierz is a hotbed of crime and a priest since 2008 Mateusz has his hands full. In each episode, viewers learn a new story, which is usually resolved quickly.

New episodes appear every week on Thursdays, on TVP1 at 20:35.