Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Who will win Eurovision 2024? Bookmakers have their candidate!

On the night of May 11-12, we will learn this year's winner Eurovision. After being disqualified Netherlands for the triumph of Malmo 25 teams will compete.

The favorites include: France, Croatia, Switzerland, Israel, Ireland, Ukraine and Italy. And who will win the competition according to the bookmakers?

Quotations for the Eurovision winner will close immediately after voting in the competition ends. Who is currently in the lead with bookmakers?

It is definitely number one Baby Lasagna from Croatia with the song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”. The singer, who is loved by the Polish audience, has a 44 percent chance of winning. The representative took second place after her semi-final Israel's Eden Golan (21 percent chance). Third place went to Nemo That Switzerland (15 percent chance).

The next places are Ireland, France and Ukraine, but each of these countries does not even have a 5 percent chance of final triumph.

Bookmakers also have their predictions on who will win the viewers' vote (Israel is expected to win before Croatia), while in the jury vote the winner is Switzerland, ahead of France and Croatia.

It is worth adding that bookmakers have chosen the winner of the Eurovision final four times in a row.