Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Who was the winner of Eurovision in the audience vote? This is Artur Orzech's favorite!

Nemo Mettler is a person representing Switzerland, born in 1999 in Biel, a small bilingual town in Switzerland. He has been playing the violin, piano and drums since he was a child.

Nemo is non-binary and currently lives in Berlin. The artist's popularity began in 2016 with a performance SRF Virus (#Cypher), program that gained popularity on social media.

In the following years, he released two mini-albums, and as reminds, 2020 was a breakthrough year for Nemo due to “starting writing and producing for other artists and releasing songs also in English. In his music, he discusses topics such as gender identity, mental health and finding your place in the world.”

Representative of Switzerland is considered a certainty to take top places in the Eurovision final. “I have no doubt that Switzerland will be at the top,” he said in the semi-final Artur Orzech.

At Eurovision Nemo presents the song “The Code”. The song was created by, among others, Polish people. One of its creators is a Polish composer Wojciech Kostrzewa. His name can be found among the co-producers of “The Code”, and he was also responsible for the orchestration. The other producers are: NYLAN, Benjamin Alasu, Tom Oehler and Pele Loriano. He is responsible for mixing and mastering the song of the Swiss representative Nikodem Milewskian artist working in Vienna, Austria.

And it was for the song he created that Nemo received a statuette Eurostory's Best Lyrics Awardi.e. the award for the best song lyrics on Eurovision 2024.

But that's not all. The audience in Malmo who attended the dress rehearsals also chose their winner. In their opinion, this year's statuette should go to this person Nemo.

Switzerland she received 21.73 percent of all votes. She came in second place Croatiaand the third place went to – then not disqualified – Netherlands. She was also among the top Ireland, France and Spain.