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Jacob Mendez

Where to watch “Knives Out”? Full list of VOD platforms with the popular film

Movie “For knives” is an intricately constructed mixture of mystery and drama, taking place around the famous crime writer, Harlan Trombley, who is found dead in his estate after celebrating his 85th birthday. The investigation is led by the reliable detective Benoit Blanc, famous for his elegance and inquisitiveness. Blanc quickly discovers that each of the members of the eccentric Trombley family and their devoted maid may have a reason to wish him dead. In an atmosphere full of mutual suspicion and envy, the detective uses his unusual investigative methods to solve the mystery of the family members locked in a luxurious mansion participation in a dangerous game whose goal is to discover the real killer.

Benoit Blanca plays the role of detective Daniel Craigdisplaying an elegance and acumen that are as refined as his Southern drawl. Chris Evans plays Ransom Drysdale, Harlan's rebellious and cynical grandson, who becomes the main suspect with his arrogant behavior. Ana de Armas as Marta Cabrera, Harlan's devoted nurse and trusted friend, provides an emotional contrast to the rest of the Drysdale family, adding depth and tension to the film.

The film “Knives Out” is available as part of a package TVP VOD+. You can also rent this movie on other platforms: w Cinema for PLN 9.90, for Player for PLN 10, and in Canal+ for PLN 9.99. Each of these options offers the movie as a rental, allowing you to watch it once for a limited time. Access details and other information, such as rental duration, can be found directly on the websites of these services.

The second part of the “Knives Out” series, titled “Glass Onion”, takes viewers to a Greek island, where detective Benoit Blanc is once again faced with the task of solving a dark murder mystery. The continuation of the detective's adventures can be watched on the platform Netflix, where the film is available as part of a subscription starting from PLN 29. Blanc, in her typical manner, interweaves inquisitiveness with elegance, trying to identify the perpetrator from a diverse group of new acquaintances, each of them equally colorful and potentially suspicious.

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