Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

What will he do with the winnings from “The Voice Senior”? She spoke up and surprised!

In the fifth edition “The Voice Senior” they assessed singing participants over 60 years of age Maryla Rodowicz, Alicja Węgorzewska, Tomasz Szczepanik from Group Pectus (check!) and Halina Frąckowiak, which unexpectedly replaced the beloved one for many TVP viewers Piotr Cugowski.

From the beginning, the 61-year-old was among the favorites Regina Rosłaniec-Bavcevic. During the Blind Auditions (“Sleep, darling, sleep” from the duo’s repertoire Kayah & Bregović) turned all the trainers’ chairs around. Only Tomasz Szczepanik remained unconvinced, laughing “she reproached” him a participant in the final. Mrs. Regina decided to choose Halina Frąckowiak as her guardian.

She was the only singer to make it to the finals (the other coaches took the singers to the final stage), in which she sang “Caruso” Lucia Dalli (check!) and “Just ask me to dance” Anna Jantar (see!). By the viewers’ decision, Ms. Regina won the statuette and the main prize of PLN 50,000. zloty.

In an interview with Jastrząb Post, Mrs. Regina spoke about what she will do with the winnings.

“I heard what the prize was, but I didn’t think about what I would spend it on. There are always some gaps where something can be ‘closed’. We all have them, right? Let’s be honest… But, I think maybe I’ll buy… a bike. Although I already have a bike, it’s an old one, but maybe it will work somehow. I don’t know, listen, I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it, really” – she revealed.

Already as a child, she showed extraordinary musical sensitivity. Her first “microphone” there was an iron cable. The inspiration to follow my musical dreams was my older sister, who was already attending a music school. Regina, not wanting to be left behind, also signed up to study, choosing the violin class. However, her extremely sensitive hearing meant that she had to practice with cotton in her ears. Her talent was quickly noticed during a student song competition in Krakow, where she impressed such celebrities as: Wojciech Młynarski and Marek Grechuta.

This opened the door to an international career for her. Regina received a contract in what was then Yugoslavia, where she started singing in hotels. Professional and personal life changed dramatically when she met him at one of the performances in Split Josko, a Croatian who became the love of her life. Out of love for him, she moved to Croatia, where she has lived and worked for almost 40 years. Recently, for various personal reasons, Regina had to take a break from her musical activity.