Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

What to do if the TV is too slow?

When we decide to buy a new TV, we hope that it will provide us with great image quality and many additional functions, such as Smart TV. Above all, we want to make sure that the new equipment will work efficiently, quickly and without any problems. However, it may even be good.

Does this mean the device is broken? Not necessarily. It turns out that we can solve slow TV operation (e.g. problems with switching channels) ourselves without expensive repairs. There are 3 effective ways that can help us solve

We associate it very much with web browsers on a computer or phone. Modern TVs also use network functions. Therefore, they face similar problems as our computers and mobile devices. It turns out that when your TV is running slowly, uncleaned cookies may be to blame.

TVs are different, so there is no obvious way to clear cookies. It's worth starting your search from the settings menu. There we should look for the “Clear Cache” option. It's possible that a lot of Smart app data and more are saved there. Too much cache space makes your TV sluggish and unable to perform basic tasks.

When our TV switches channels slowly and works slowly, software may be to blame. Outdated software on your TV is a big problem. On the one hand, we do not have access to the latest functions and fixes, on the other hand, the TV may start to work much worse. In this situation, it's time to update the software. Fortunately, the entire procedure is very simple and does not require special technical skills or complicated operation of the device.

It is likely that . Then simply confirm the software request and the update will begin. First, we need to make sure that our TV is connected to the Internet, e.g. via WiFi. If no message is displayed, go to the settings. There should be a System tab there, with Software Update in it. The whole process is simple and automatic.

Slow changing of channels on the TV may also be the result of problems with the decoder, not the receiver. It is possible that the problem is on his side and there are no problems with our TV. What to do in that case? Let's start with the simplest method, i.e. reset – turn off the device, wait about 10 seconds and plug it in again.

If this does not help, we are left to execute . The appropriate option can be found in the menu, from where we will start the entire process of re-deploying the decoder and connecting to the network. Further problems should be reported to your TV provider. It may be necessary to replace the device with a new one.