Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

What does Simon Cowell’s luxurious house from “Got Talent” look like? The interiors may surprise you

According to the British media, the TV celebrity’s net worth Simon Cowell is approximately half a billion dollars (he is one of the richest people in Great Britain). Cowell is a juror, talent scout, producer and creator of many television formats. He was the originator of “X Factor” and the “Got Talent” series, which began in the UK.

At the end of 2017, he bought a huge villa in Malibu, California, for which he paid $25 million.

The property, which covers 929 square meters, has 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. There are a lot of trees and greenery around the site, while the modern house itself, which resembles a bit of a resort, has a swimming pool, spa, gym, guest apartment, tennis court and a garage for four cars.

Despite many rumors according to which Cowell was to get rid of the house in Malibu and move, among others, to the Caribbean, none of these reports turned out to be true. What’s more, the famous “Got Talent” judge started getting rid of his other luxury homes.

In recent years, he sold a house in Beverly Hills (20 million dollars) and in the London district of Wimbledon (15 million pounds). In 2023, there was a lot of talk about getting rid of another of Cowell’s properties. The famous juror decided to move out of the British capital after a storm broke out around his luxurious estate.

We would like to remind you that in mid-2023, the British media announced that Simon Cowell was trying to get rid of his luxurious house in London at Holland Park. It was initially announced that the property had been sold for £45 million. Ultimately, however, according to journalists, the juror agreed to a much lower price, 15 million pounds. Cowell wanted to move out of the said residence as soon as possible, even at the cost of financial losses.

The famous talent scout hasn’t moved out of the UK entirely. He was going to buy a large house in the countryside of the county Oxfordshire.

“He moved out a few months ago and is happy to have more freedom in the countryside now. Simon loves cars and can now drive them on country roads as much as he wants. He still works and lives in the States, but he also has a house where he can rest away from London. In the previous place he couldn’t go out on the street calmly, and now he can do it completely anonymously and that’s what he wanted,” People magazine commented on Cowell’s choices.

The celebrity insisted on moving out of London with his partner Laura Silverman and a son Eric after the media revealed the scandal regarding his house.

In 2015, jewelry worth one million pounds was stolen from his home. The famous juror was at the estate with his loved ones at the time. After that incident, the TV star revealed that his family was traumatized. To prevent similar incidents, jurors “I have a talent” he spent PLN 500,000 on securing the villa after the burglary. pounds.

In June 2023, The Sun newspaper revealed that a security expert hired by Cowell planned to rob his estate. The man fell into debt and his plan to recover them was to rob former clients. He planned to break into luxurious houses with a special electronic key that opened locks that he had previously installed himself.

Although the fraudster was eventually arrested, the TV star stopped feeling safe in his home after what was revealed in the media and decided to sell it.