Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

What about the new Star Wars movie? There is a voice in the case!

Another twist regarding the film’s production “Rogue Squadron”belonging to the “Star Wars” universe. The title was to be directed by the creator of “Wonder Woman”, Patty Jenkins. Disney then removed the picture from its release calendar. What is happening now with the production of this film?

“Rogue Squadron” that was the story of Rebel combat pilots. Set in the “Star Wars” universe, the film was to focus on a completely new story taking place next to the events from the main parts of the saga. However, the chance for the film to be made decreased with the director’s involvement in the third part of “Wonder Woman”. When the project was canceled by new Warner management, the topic of “Rogue Squadron” comes back into play.

“When I left ‘Star Wars’ to make ‘Wonder Woman 3’ and came on board with this film, we talked about me returning to the saga after it ended. We were trying to get ‘Rogue Squadron’ made. When ‘Wonder Woman 3’ didn’t work, “Lucasfilm came back to me and said I had to finish it. So now I have the script for the ‘Star Wars’ movie and we’ll see what happens,” Jenkins reveals on the “Talking Pictures” podcast.

“The people at Lucasfilm have a difficult task ahead of them. They have to decide which film they will make first. They have other directors working on ‘Star Wars’, and I’m going back to ‘Rogue Squadron’. We’ll see where it takes us,” the director continues.

For now, it has not been officially confirmed that a “Rogue Squadron” movie will be made.