Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Węgorzewska reveals the truth about “The Voice Senior”. “Singing is not enough”

The fifth edition started at the beginning of the year “The Voice Senior” with participants over 60 years of age.

They evaluate age-experienced singers Maryla Rodowicz, Alicja Węgorzewska, Tomasz Szczepanik from Group Pectus and Halina Frąckowiak, which unexpectedly replaced the beloved one for many TVP viewers Piotr Cugowski.

Right from the blind auditions, the coaches’ choices aroused a lot of controversy. Viewers on the program’s profile have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the poor decisions of the program’s stars.

Fans of the talent show were mainly irritated by decisions that, in their opinion, were not at all related to what was heard during the performance. In this way, there were to be several voices outside the program that were underestimated by the coaching staff.

Lots of negative comments at Węgorzewska, Frąckowiak, Rodowicz and Szczepanika it appeared especially after the knockout stage, when each coach had to reject some of his players. There were even voices about the set-up in the program and the fact that the show’s production had already chosen who would win a long time ago “The Voice Senior”.

“Even when I audition at the opera, I try not to look at those who are singing. And why? Because when we look at someone, we are suggesting each other. Some image of how someone presents themselves, how they gesticulate, how in looks like a whole. I think it’s very fair that we sit upside down and because we sit upside down, we don’t have any additional stimuli that could convince us,” she told Plejada Alicja Węgorzewska.

The trainer commented, among others: to be rejected Wojtek Strzeleckiwho according to viewers should have made it to the finals, but the coaches didn’t give him a chance even during the blind auditions.

“I think he had a very bad song, that sometimes this selection of repertoire does not show the participant’s capabilities. It does not show the depth of his interpretation, his heart. Something must grab our hearts, because there are many voices. If you listen to dozens of people, dozens of them non-stop, Well, I’m very sorry, someone has to grab our hearts with their interpretation, their approach to the song, and not just singing, because singing is not enough,” she commented.

Węgorzewska answered directly that there is no set-up in the program and the coaches’ decisions are fully autonomous.

“The audience sees us and the other side at the same moment, and we don’t see it. And really, it is such an honest and real competition that no one tells us when to turn around. These rumors that it is controlled, that someone He’s trying to manipulate us, it’s not true,” she concluded.