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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Two faces of Agnieszka Sienkiewicz-Gauer! She changed her hairstyle for her role in the series “Brothers”.

In the new series “Brethren” Agnieszka plays the role of the wife of Piotr (Piotr Stramowski) – one of the titular brothers. Even though the series’ heroes are men and the events are driven by the male perspective, it is women who build order in their world. Wiki is a woman who has practically everything, a handsome husband, a great job, a beautiful house. Her life seems perfect… but it’s just an appearance. Wiki would love to become a mother, but unfortunately she has not been able to do so for a long time… It is her biggest dream and goal on which she is very focused, sometimes at the expense of her loved ones… As a consequence of her own decisions, at some point their lives, which they built together, it will collapse, and the relationship will be put to a real test.

Series “Brethren” is a gripping story about overcoming one’s weaknesses, fears and the need for love, which breaks down family and partnership relationships into prime factors. Viewers meet the Dobrowolski family at a turning point for them. The oldest Piotr – an architect, businessman and perfectionist surrounds himself with a wall made of stereotypes, Alek – a psychologist-therapist, trying to deal with his own demons, Wojtek – a chef-dreamer trying to maintain the balance between the world he has built and reality, and the youngest Adam – a crazy musician still running away from the problems of adulthood. The choices they make are difficult and not obvious, especially since their strict father Jerzy has a huge influence on their lives. And even though the characters in the series are men and the events are driven by the male perspective, the order in their world is built by women – mothers, wives, lovers, friends.

“Przyjaciółki” on Thursdays from March 7 at 21:10 and “Brothers” on Fridays from March 8 at 22:10 on Polsat!

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