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Jacob Mendez

Top cult songs from the 80s – do you remember these hits?

Polish music of the 80s not only was it entertaining, but it often carried messages of hope hidden in allusive lyrics, bypassing censorship. Albums by bands such as Perfect, Closed Branch Whether Maanam were as sought after as everyday foods. On the day of the premiere, long queues formed in front of music stores.

The radio played a key role in shaping tastes, presenting Polish hits that have stood the test of time. Today we remind you of the most important songs that built the legend of Polish music in the 1980s.

Lublin formation Suflera's booth has many timeless hits, but it is “Jolka, Jolka Remember”, sung by Felicjan Andrzejczak, that is considered the best by fans. The song, one of the most recognizable recordings of the 1980s, topped the Program Three hits chart in 1984. It is an example of the talent of the Romuald Lipko / Marek Dutkiewicz duo, who delivered hits in that decade.

Perfect's work has become a permanent part of the history of Polish music, even though they released only two albums in the 1980s. Each of the songs from these albums is now considered cult, and “Autobiography” has become the anthem of a generation. The unforgettable music of Zbigniew Hołdys and the lyrics of Bogdan Olewicz united the youth of the 1980s, and the voice of Grzegorz Markowski made the song an unforgettable experience.

The song, banned by censorship, became one of Maanam's biggest hits. If they had not refused to perform at the party congress in the Congress Hall, their fate might have been different. They were banned from giving concerts and broadcasting their music on the radio, and Marek Niedźwiecki replaced their songs with fragments of the snare drums from “It's Only Tango”. The album “Nocny patrol”, from which this song comes, is considered one of the most important releases in the history of Polish music, available in two language versions – Polish and English.

“I can do anything in a disco club…” – this quote is known to every generation of the 80s. The idea, which was supposed to be a parody of disco music, quickly became a hit in Poland. Piotr Fronczewski, playing the role of Frank Kimono, with his voice and charisma, made the recordings from the album undisputed hits. The project, created by Andrzej Korzyński, became one of the musical icons of that era.

Grzegorz Ciechowski on his second solo album, he describes the complicated love for his homeland in an extremely beautiful way. The text, hidden in the lyrical form of eroticism, subtly touches on various aspects of life. The song stayed on the Polish Radio Three charts for twenty-one weeks, winning the first place four times. Last year, Radio 357 listeners voted it the best Polish song of all time.

Debut hits Ursula, such as “Dandelions, kites, wind”, compete for the title of the biggest hit. However, it was on the singer's second album that the true taste of the 80s appeared. Romuald Lipko created an excellent sound that won the hearts of listeners. “Malinowy Król” is one of the most memorable songs on the album and is still in Urszula's concert repertoire.

It is impossible to remember Polish music of the 1980s without the legendary composition “Skin”. The song appeared on the band's debut album, known as “Red”, and immediately won the hearts of listeners, becoming the most popular hit of 1985. The innovative combination of rock and electronics, created by Igor Czerniawski and Paweł Kukiz, ensured the song's record-breaking 32-week stay on the Trójka charts.

Although “Przeżyj to sam” became the anthem of the generation, “Glass Weather” had an equally strong impact. The song reflecting the realities of gray housing estates from a large album, with Małgorzata Ostrowska's feisty voice and characteristic style, quickly conquered the Polish music scene. The song became a timeless hit, played many times by young artists.

Kombi gained popularity in the 1980s with a series of hit albums. “New Chapter” and “Kombi 4” were great successes in Poland. The lightness and hit nature of the songs, the lyrics of Jacek Cygan and Marek Dutkiewicz and the characteristic voice of Grzegorz Skawiński contributed to the group's success. “Sweet Nice Life” became the band's showcase.

Debut Lady Pank was spectacular. The group from Wrocław, founded by Janusz Borysewicz and Andrzej Mogielnicki, gained popularity thanks to the song “Less than zero”, which stayed on the Program Three hit list for thirteen weeks before it was censored. The success of this song opened the door to Lady Pank's career, and the song itself is one of the most recognizable hits of the 1980s. The recording was re-released in a new version on the album “LP1 – Lady Pank and guests”.

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