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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

TOP 5 Turkish series. The best productions from the Bosphorus

Turkish TV series permanently appeared on the Polish Television program. TV viewers can follow the fate of their favorite characters in productions such as “Forbidden fruit”, “Golden Boy” Whether “Heritage”. In the past, other soap operas were also broadcast on TVP, e.g. “Wounded Birds” Whether “Great century”. What Turkish series are worth watching?

“Forbidden fruit” is a series that premiered in 2018. Polish viewers can watch it from 2022. Since then, the production has gained the recognition of many fans. What is “Forbidden Fruit” about? The plot revolves around Yildiz and her sister Zeynep. Thanks to the wealthy Mrs. Ender, their fates become entangled with the world of ruthless businessmen, intrigues and big money.

“Forbidden fruit” can be watched from Monday to Friday on TVP 2 and on the TVP VOD platform. The series stars Eda Ece, Şevval Sam and Nesrin Cavadzade, among others.

Turkish premiere of the series “Golden Boy” took place in 2022. Production debuted in Poland a year later. “Golden Boy” is a story about a carefree young man, Ferit, who belongs to the wealthy Korhan family. The family’s doyenne and the boy’s grandfather, Halis, wants his grandson to finally settle down. Therefore, she decides to find a match for him. One day, Ferit meets Seyran, and over time he begins to feel something for her.

“Golden Boy” is broadcast from Monday to Friday on TVP 1. The series can also be watched on the TVP VOD platform. Ferit is played by Mert Ramazan Demir, while Seyran is played by Afra Saraçoğlu.

Premiere “Legacies” took place in 2020. The series will be released on Polish TV screens in 2023. The plot tells the story of little Yusuf, who lost his family due to dramatic events. At his sister’s request, Seher takes the boy into his care. They both move in with Yaman, a ruthless businessman and Yusuf’s uncle. Soon feelings begin to develop between Yaman and Seher.

The role of Yaman is played by Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan, while Seher is played by Sıla Türkoğlu. Series “Heritage” can be watched from Monday to Friday on TVP 1 and on the TVP VOD platform, where others are also available the best Turkish series.

“Wounded Birds” debuted in Turkey in 2019. Polish viewers can watch the soap opera from 2022. The series tells the story of Meryem and her younger adoptive brother Ömer. The woman tries to provide him with a safe and happy home. The role of Meryem is played by Gizem Arıkan.

“Wounded Birds” were broadcast on Polish Television until the beginning of 2023. Then the series was replaced by a Spanish telenovela “Akacjowa 38”. “Wounded Birds” can be watched on the TVP VOD platform.

“Great century” is one of the most popular Turkish series among Polish TV viewers. Made on a grand scale, the production tells the story of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, ruling the Ottoman Empire. Halit Ergenç plays the role of the Sultan. “Great century” premiered in 2011.

Currently, the series can be watched on TVP Woman. All episodes are also available on the TVP VOD platform, where you can also watch Turkish series about love.