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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

TOP 10 series whose production has already ended. You don’t have to wait for new episodes!

Series “Breaking Bad” starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul is now considered a cult classic. Since its debut in 2008, the story of Walter White, a teacher suffering from cancer and greatly underestimated by his students and family, who, together with his former protégé, Jesse Pinkman, begins producing and selling methamphetamine to provide for his family, has gained recognition as the best series of all time. The production was awarded many times, and was based on a spin-off about a charismatic lawyer – Saul Goodman.

This production is a spin-off of the series “Breaking Bad”. The plot is set six years before the events presented in the series about a teacher producing illegal substances. Jimmy is a public defender who is clearly not doing well. Even though he tries very hard, many decisions backfire. against him. Eventually, he gets involved in dark business, although he manages to start his own law practice. During the series, the hero meets many characters known from “Breaking Bad”: Gus Fring, Mike, Ehrmantraut and Hector Salamanca.

The series presents the fate of the SAMCRO motorcycle gang, which tries to protect their town from dealers, corporations and dishonest law enforcement officers. This production is full of adrenaline, elements of black comedy, and lust for money and power. Will the gang members manage to keep the group in check? Or will they be destroyed by an external enemy?

“Sex Education” from the moment of its premiere, it broke taboos and taught how to talk about intimate matters and the difficulties of growing up. It focuses on complicated relationships with parents and first relationships.

The series is important in many ways – it gives a voice to a young generation that wants to make their presence felt and shows older audiences how today’s youth view the world. Sometimes it is a difficult lesson and a bitter pill, but you have to swallow it and try to break out of the usual patterns.

The series turned out to be a huge hit on Netflix and maintained a high level until the very end, tying the viewer to their favorite characters. This production cannot be watched only once, because each time we watch it, we can take a closer look at the story of a different heroine. The diversity of this production is amazing, and the women are truly multi-dimensional characters.

“Orange Is The New Black” focuses on the character Piper Chapman, who is sent to Litchfield for an almost criminal offense. She comes from a good home, everything in her life has been going perfectly so far: she has a fiancé, and she and her friend have just started a small business. At this point he must completely change his approach to life.

At some point in the series, the story slightly departs from the story of Piper and shows individual heroines and their stories. This is one of the best ways of narrating in recent years’ productions.

The series was based on the novel by Thomas Harris, titled “Red Dragon”. Will Graham used to work for the FBI but had to leave due to a nervous breakdown. He decided to become a forensics lecturer at the police academy, but his peaceful life does not last long. A series of unsolved murders begins and Will becomes involved in the investigation, assisted by the outstanding psychologist Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

One of the most confusing, surprising and mysterious series created in recent years. In a small town in Germany where everyone knows each other, two children disappear. Their disappearances begin a spiral of secrets that come to light one by one, causing complete chaos in the minds of viewers. What connects contemporary events with 1986? What happened to the missing children and do I really know who our loved ones are?

The script of the series is based on the true story of the greatest disaster that occurred so close to our country. On April 26, 1986, a huge explosion occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine, in the then USSR. If it weren’t for the heroic fight of a handful of people, most of Europe would have felt the tragic consequences for several generations. An amazing reconstruction of history, mistakes made and, above all, showing the cause of the disaster.

“Game of Thrones” is one of the most popular and best-rated series in recent years. The adaptation of George RR Martin’s prose received a number of awards. The series was full of brutality, sexualization and intrigue. However, the bloody scenes did not deter viewers and today “Game of Thrones” is still the most popular HBO series. There was a lot of talk about the final season, which many fans would probably prefer not to remember, but this does not change the fact that the initial seasons were definitely one of the best in the history of the television series.

The series begins with an assassination attempt. As a result, officers of one of the Border Guard units from the Bieszczady Mountains die, but one of them manages to survive. Viktor Rebrow lost his friends and his beloved in one moment – he is completely lost. He tries to find the answer to the question why this happened and who is responsible for it. Will he be able to solve this puzzle?

“The Pack” is one of the productions that cannot be forgotten. All three seasons are maintained at an equally high level, and the mystery draws you in from the very beginning.