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Jacob Mendez

Top 10 best historical series. You will see them online

Discover with us historical series that attract attention not only with spectacular costumes and realistic sets, but above all with the depth of the plot, intriguing characters and dramatic plot twists. We invite you to travel back in time without leaving home, thanks to the best historical series available online.

Series about crowned heads are extremely popular. Most of them turn a blind eye to the facts. However, none of them does it with such a dose of absurdity and humor as “The Great”, which tells the “sometimes true” story of Catherine the Great.

Series “Huge” is a satirical look at the story of Catherine the Great. The role of the young Tsarina was fantastic Elle Fanning. We meet the future ruler as Zofia Fryderyka Augusta – a young princess with a head full of ideals and romantic visions.

Sophia comes to Russia as part of an arranged marriage to marry Emperor Peter III (incredibly funny Nicholas Hoult). There her imagination collides with reality. However, filled with optimism and faith in her own ideals, the ruler does not abandon her ambitions. From episode to episode we can watch how from a naive princess she becomes the titular Great One.

The historical and drama series The Tudor Dynasty presents the early, turbulent period of the reign of King Henry VIII of England, preceding the first divorce. The king is a young, handsome, brave and power-hungry man. He was played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who won a Golden Globe for his role in the movie Elvis. Other roles include: Jeremy Northam (Sir Tomas More), Sam Neill (Cardinal Wolsey), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Queen Catherine of Aragon), Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn), Henry Cavill (Brandon, Duke of Suffolk) and Henry Czerny (Norfolk). .

The action begins in the early years of the nearly 40-year reign of the all-powerful King Henry VIII in England (1509-1547). The main plots of the series focus on his marriage to Catherine of Aragon and his relationship with Anne Boleyn, as well as political alliances with the philosopher Sir Thomas More and Cardinal Thomas Wolsey’em, the head of the Catholic Church in England on the eve of the announcement of its independence from Rome.

“The Crown” was undoubtedly one of the biggest series hits of the last decade. It is, among other things, thanks to Peter Morgan’s production that Netflix has become a power in the world of streaming. The first series were delightful in almost every respect. Until recently, the British royal family was an example of an institution that has remained unchanged for centuries. The world was moving forward, and the “royals” continued in the traditions of their forefathers. They were surrounded by an aura of mystery and almost divinity. The creators of the Netflix hit opened the door to this previously inaccessible world for viewers.

On December 14, 2023, the last episodes of the series “The Crown” appeared on Netflix, presenting the reign of Elizabeth II on the British throne. Although the last two seasons received a lot of criticism, the series undoubtedly made streaming history.

Set in England in the years before World War I, “Downton Abbey” tells the story of a specific and complicated community. The castle where the action takes place has belonged to the Crawley family for generations. In addition to the aristocracy, servants live there and look at their employers with envy. Some are loyal and fully committed to their work at Downton, while others are only here temporarily and looking for love, adventure, or an opportunity to improve their status.

What distinguishes both groups is the fact that the servants know some of the family’s most hidden secrets, while Mr. and Mrs. Crawley know virtually none of their employees’ secrets. Despite the passions that pulsate beneath the surface of aristocratic restraint, life at Downton is safe, calm and orderly, and seems destined to remain so forever. However, neither the family nor the servants realize that dark clouds are gathering and a conflict that will completely change their lives is hanging in the air.

The historical series, made on a scale worthy of Caesar, presents human life stories from the period of the fall of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire. The action of the first season of the series “Rome” began with the fall of the republic and the creation of the empire. The second season begins after the death of Gaius Julius Caesar. “Rome” is a great historical spectacle in which the authorities hide crimes, revenge soothes the pain of betrayal, and passion changes the balance of power. The heroes’ brutality hides honor and principles, and violence destroys the purest intentions.

This is definitely one of the best historical series of recent years. “Vikings” can be put in one row with such hits as “Rome”, “Spartacus” or “The Borgias”. Not only because blood is spilled here as often as in gladiatorial arenas, and there is no less intrigue than at the court of Alexander VI Borgia. The action begins somewhere in Scandinavia, at the end of the 8th century. Ragnar Lothbrok (the excellent Travis Fimmel), who traces his origins to the god Odin, rebels against jarl (chieftain) Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne). The young warrior is fed up with the jarl’s raids to the east, to poor lands that have been plundered many times.

He dreams of a great expedition to the west, where – he believes – there are rich and prosperous countries. However, no one has found them yet and it is not known whether they exist at all. Haraldson does not want to take such a risk, he considers stories about the western lands to be stupid fairy tales, and in Lothbrok he sees a recalcitrant rebel who threatens his power.

The year is 1877. A new day is dawning over the Black Hills in Deadwood, an outlaw camp. Regardless of whether for better or worse – one thing is certain, times are changing and the transformation of the camp into a town is inevitable. With her, new faces come to the settlement, seeking profit in lucrative anarchy. The government of outsiders heralds an era of difficult decisions and brutal power struggles.

The new sheriff is Seth Bullock, who is forced to deal with two devious owners of houses of debauchery: Al Swearengen and his rival, the cunning Cy Tolliver. The women of Deadwood also reveal determination. Watch as Calamity Jane, Alma Garret and prostitutes Trixie and Joanie stand to fight for their own in a dangerous city of scheming outcasts, finding out that fortune has its price…

In Birmingham in 1919, in the shadow of post-war England, the Shelby family, led by the charismatic Tommy’ego (Cillian Murphy) rules the streets as the Peaky Blinders – a gangster crew whose hats with razor blades have become their trademark. Tommy, wanting more than just an underground kingdom, sees an opportunity in a stolen shipment of weapons. His ambitions cross paths with characters such as the ruthless Commissioner Chester Campbell (Sam Neill) and the cunning Polly (Helen McCrory). In a risky power game where loyalty is rare and betrayal is common, Tommy will have to face enemies from outside and within his family. The series created by Steven Knight is a dark epic depiction of the gangster world.

“Band of Brothers” is a war miniseries that consists of ten episodes. It is an adaptation of the novel by Stephen Ambrose’and based on facts. The series presents the history of the 101st Airborne Division of the American army. On the screen we see E Company taking part in the D-Day operation, i.e. the initial phase of Operation Overlord – the Allied invasion in France, and we also witness the capture of the French town of Carentan.

It is worth mentioning that real war veterans took part in the creation of the series and told the war events from their perspective.

The action of the series “Terror” focuses on the Royal Navy’s dangerous expedition into unknown territory in search of the Northwest Passage. The crew will face treacherous conditions, limited resources, fading hope for survival and fear of the unknown.

Piercing frost, loneliness and imprisonment at the very end of the world – “Terror” perfectly shows what can go wrong when a group of men desperately fighting for survival have to face not only the elements of nature, but also each other.