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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

TOP 10 Apple TV+ series to catch up on. These productions are a must-see

There is little talk about Apple TV+ productions in Poland. Although critics appreciate the platform’s original series, they are not very popular in our country. It’s a pity, because when it comes to quality content, they definitely win over, for example, Netflix, which has been choosing quantity over quality for years. I must admit that I struggled for a long time to buy a subscription because I didn’t think I would find something for myself there. Only the admiration for the series “Ted Lasso” made me decide to give Apple TV a chance. And I wasn’t disappointed. I caught up with some of the most popular productions and chose those that are definitely worth adding to your list of series to watch.

People who know me know perfectly well that no other production could have taken first place. Not only did I start my Apple TV+ marathon with “Ted Lasso”, but I spent several weeks trying to convince everyone to see this series. The strength of the series is, of course, the titular Ted Lasso (the wonderful Jason Sudeikis). He is a man whom no one takes seriously at first. Neither the viewers nor the other characters of the series. They do not believe in his kindnesses and ideas and try to resist his good-natured optimism. But over time, episode by episode, they become convinced of this American “freak”. Ted Lasso is a breath of fresh air among the cynical, sarcastic and downright psychopathic characters that audiences have come to love in recent years.

“Ted Lasso”: For laughter and emotion. Is this the perfect series?

The first season of “A Separation” in 2022 topped the lists of the best series of the year. He also won a number of awards and nominations. Dan Erickson’s production tells the story of a Lumon Industries employee who goes to work every morning, gets into the elevator and… stops being himself. Mark Scout, like his colleagues, underwent an experimental procedure thanks to which he literally separated his professional and private life. This is only a starting point, and with each episode we learn that nothing in this world is simple. “Separation” delights in every respect – from the script, to the actors and the technical side. Work on the second season is currently underway.

If a movie or series stars Rebecca Ferguson, it immediately goes on my “to see” list. The talented Swede once again gave the actress a show off in an Apple TV+ production. “Silo” is an adaptation of Hugh Howey’s novel about a dystopian future. Consisting of 144 levels, the underground silo is the only safe place for humanity. Society is divided into classes, and the deeper we go into the earth, the worse the living conditions. Juliette Nichols, an entry-level engineer, begins to search for answers to the questions that intrigue her. Questions that may have dangerous consequences not only for her.

“Silo”: A dystopian vision of the future! The best series this year?

When I sat down to watch “The Morning Show”, I expected a comedy program about American television. Something like “Great News”. I don’t know where this idea came from, but it definitely didn’t match what I saw. But that doesn’t mean I’m disappointed. Telling about the lives of journalists and creators of the eponymous breakfast television program one of the best-rated series in the history of Apple TV+. The first season of production with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon one focused on the #MeToo movement, the other on the coronavirus pandemic. In the third season, Jon Hamm made quite a stir as a billionaire who wants to conquer space (sound familiar?).

You will laugh through your tears while watching “Hold-up Therapy”. The series tells the story of a young psychotherapist (Jason Segel) who, after the death of his wife, begins to look at life and his work differently. Trying to cope with his own trauma, he begins to break professional relationships with his patients and even force them to change. This, of course, is met with protest from his boss (played by Harrison Ford). The script for the series “Hands-on Therapy” was written by Jason Segel, Brett Goldstein (“Ted Lasso”) and Bill Lawrence (“How I Met Your Mother”).

When we think about secret agents, we almost immediately think of James Bond and other athletic men in suits who can adapt to any situation. In “Lame Horses”, instead of elegant MI5 agents, we have disgraced ones who, for various reasons, are unfit for “official” service. The outcast spy unit is headed by Jackson Lamb. Played by Gary’Oldman’s ego, the agent at first glance arouses a feeling of pity and often even revulsion. However, joining the group of “lame horses” is both a cause for shame, but also a chance to regain his good name and return to the ranks of MI5.

The series with Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery is definitely the hardest of the proposals I mentioned. “In Defense of My Son” is a shocking thriller in which parental love is tested when a teenage son is accused of murdering a classmate. From episode to episode, the atmosphere thickens, doubts grow and more accusations are made. It’s a series that you watch while sitting on the edge of your seat and it’s hard to pull yourself away from it. “In Defense of My Son” is a solid thriller that every fan of this genre should see.

“Pachinko” delights not only in terms of plot, but also visually. The script was based on the book of the same title. Min Jin Lee’s work remained on The New York Times bestseller list for several weeks. “Pachinko” is a chronicle of the hopes and dreams of a Korean immigrant family that leaves their homeland in search of a better life, taking place over four generations. The plot follows two timelines. In one, we learn about the fate of Sunja, who, not wanting to disgrace her family, leaves Korea for Japan. In the second one, we meet her grandson Solomon. The Apple TV+ series is a universal story about family and a very long return home.

The black comedy “Sisters to Kill” focuses on the fate of the titular sisters and the mysterious death of the husband of one of them. Each of the sisters had a very good reason to silence him forever. And each of them will do everything to protect their sisters from the consequences of murder. Interestingly, the unexpected death of John Paul did not arouse the interest of the police, but of two brothers running an insurance company which, after JP’s death, is on the verge of bankruptcy. “Killing Sisters” is a different take on a black comedy with a crime story in the background. A second season has been confirmed for 2022, but nothing is known about it yet.

It is a bittersweet story about a unique relationship – a deep friendship that defies logic. The titular friends, Sylvia (Rose Byrne) and Will (Seth Rogen), were inseparable years ago. They lost contact with each other because Sylvia said she didn’t like her friend’s wife. When Will gets a divorce, he decides to reconnect. It’s awkward at first, but it quickly turns out how much they miss each other. Just like in the old days, they do stupid things and talk about everything. Romance? Never. Friendship? Of course. Even though it’s clear to them, those around them can’t quite cope with their relationship. “Platonic Friendship” was one of the most watched series on the Apple TV+ platform. It’s no wonder that the producers decided to make another season.

“Platonic friendship”: And I will be your friend until the day I die. Or until you piss me off