Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

This was Grzegorz Hyżego’s biggest mistake in “The Voice of Poland”. Natalia Muianga is back

“My New Era! I am shortening my artistic pseudonym,” announced the singer, who previously performed as Natalia Capelik-Muianga.

The first song under the shortened name is the song “I prefer one” (check!). As the singer herself emphasizes, the song is about love.

They accompanied her in the recordings Filip Żółtowski (trumpet), Michał Sasinowski (saxophone), Mateusz Jaremko (guitar), Adam Pachla (bass), Ariel Suchowiecki (piano), Mikołaj Stańko (drums) and Julia Olędzka (backing vocals).

The 26-year-old graduate of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk is currently preparing her own material with the support of her band.

The general public got to know her in the eighth edition “I have a talent” (fall 2015). “I asked like an idiot why you chose this song (“Fever”), and it’s very good that you chose her,” she complimented the participant Agnieszka Chylińska at the casting.

The singer reached the finals, where she finally took seventh place (she was one of three singers in the last stage – next to her they reached so high Kamil Czeszel and Liliana Iżyk). The winner of the TVN show was an acrobat Aleksandra Kiedrowicz. Natalia could count on support, among others: president of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowiczwho appealed to city residents to send text messages to the girl.

Three years later, the singer tried her hand at… “The Voice of Poland”. With a song “No Roots” by Alice Merton she won the hearts of all coaches. Patrycja Markowska she couldn’t hide her surprise and delight at the girl after she turned her chair around. Ultimately, the participant joined the team Grzegorz Hyże, with which she reached the quarterfinals. At this stage, Hyży decided to bet on Ania Deko, which he led to the final. According to many viewers, this was his big mistake, as Natalia was expected to have much greater potential.

The singer counts among her idols Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Bublé, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. His successes include: side gigs Piotr Rubik during World Youth Day in Warsaw, participation in Top of The Top Sopot Festival and on Festival Anna German in Zielona Góra. While Ladies Jazz Festival Gdynia 2020 won the Grand Prix. The song “Who Are You Really” performed by her promoted the television program “Big Brother”.

He is Natalia’s father Joel Pedro Muiangathe main character of the music video “Makumba” team Big Tits.

“Such an adventure lasts a lifetime, but my five minutes have already passed, now it’s Natalia’s time. The role of a father is to discover and support the child’s talents,” recalled Joel Pedro Muianga.