Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

This power bank may catch fire. The manufacturer warns

From time to time it turns out that a model of electronic equipment has a manufacturing defect and is exposed to serious faults. Problems often concern all kinds of devices intended for charging or storing electricity. One of the most famous cases this year was the one concerning . The device designed for iPhones was prone to failures, which could result in overheating or even a fire.

Problems may also arise with power banks. Popular devices that allow us to charge, e.g. while traveling, store energy, and therefore in the event of a fault, they can pose quite a danger. Now it has reported one fault.

It turns out that some devices from the Anker series may have a manufacturing defect. According to, it is a model marked with the ID (A1112 Anker 321 PowerCore 5K, Black). What's the problem?

The device may have a manufacturing defect that could cause the lithium-ion battery to overheat. High temperature may cause plastic elements to melt and lead to a fire in the power bank. According to the manufacturer, the problem may affect a rather small number of batteries that have been on the market since March 2023. Nevertheless, the series products are being withdrawn from the market, and the company recommends that owners dispose of them and discontinue further use.

The manufacturer has prepared a short guide on this, marked with the identifier A1112:

  • Store your device in a safe place
  • Check if the device is vulnerable and submit the form – available at
  • Do not use the device or throw it away. The Power Bank should be disposed of at a location that accepts lithium-ion batteries

It is worth remembering about the technical support provided by the manufacturer in case of doubts regarding the device.