Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

They mocked his “silly love songs.” “Life gets better”

And though The Beatles they sang famously “All You Need Is Love”, they certainly haven’t exhausted the topic. He proved it himself Paul McCartney, who touched on love in dozens of his solo songs. As he mentioned in a recently aired episode of his podcast, he often received criticism from commenters for this. It was no accident, however, that he wrote romantic songs about feelings. The legendary musician believes that anyone who does not understand his intentions has never really fallen in love himself.

Jokes about McCartney’s romantic nature appeared in the 1970s – then he responded to his opponents with the song “Silly Love Songs” (1976). “I was accused of writing stupid love songs. I could even believe these opinions. I believed that I should be a little tougher, more modern, more worldly. But then I suddenly realized that love is what the world needs.” – he admitted in his podcast “McCartney: A Life in Lyrics”.

The artist believes that “love” in itself is not something childish and silly, on the contrary, it often becomes the basis for action or change. Sometimes it is also someone’s meaning of life. “I think that many people who approach it this way have not been lucky enough to feel it. Love is a very deep and significant topic, it is the basis of many religions and philosophies. The fact that we can give someone this feeling, get involved, makes us that life becomes better,” he emphasized.

“I won’t be embarrassed by it, because although you can say it’s a soppy topic, in fact it’s the opposite,” he added, also stating that there is nothing wrong with introducing at least a bit of love through music in a world full of injustice and hatred.