Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“There has never been such a circus here before.” Baron honest about what happened on “The Voice Kids”

Natan Gryga In “The Voice Kids” performed a Eurovision hit Alessandra “Queen of The Kings” and turned the two chairs: Cleo and Natasza Urbańska. The coaches couldn’t help but admire his strong voice. Urbańska, however, was shocked and was convinced that the girl was behind her.

“You have vocals, man,” he commented Baron. “Where do you get such low vocals from? Do you even practice songs that are lower?” she asked Cleo, and in response she learned that the participant had undergone a mutation. “You rock,” said Urbańska. “I believed what you were singing, you interpreted it nicely,” she added Cleo.

Trainers talking to Nathan however, they learned that the participant’s great passion is geography. So they started questioning him from the capitals of individual countries, and each correct answer surprised them greatly.

Then the viewers saw a lot of antics of the coaches, who started arguing with each other about who Natan should go to. Natasza Urbańska was the person who most encouraged him to join her team, as she was glad that the young singer did not limit himself to genres and also tried rapping. “You can do everything. You’re too good for this program,” Cleo commented ironically, and a moment later the coaches started pretending that Urbańska had muted them with the remote control.

“There has never been such a circus here before,” he commented on what he saw Baronand the participant himself seemed slightly confused by what was happening in the trainers’ chairs.

Ultimately, he decided on Natasha’s team.

“He is 11 years old and in the fifth grade. He is a friendly and joyful boy, ambitious and striving to achieve his goals. For three years he has been intensively developing his vocals at the MOC-ART Recording Studio in Zduńska Wola. Apart from singing, he likes to spend his time actively, riding. on his off-road buggy and quad. He also likes riding a bike, picking mushrooms and meeting friends. Additionally, he is interested in geography – he knows all countries and their capitals and flags from all continents. In the future, he would like to become a singing soldier,” we read about Natan on “The Voice Kids” website.