Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The youngest debutant at the festival in Opole. Who is Lou Lou Safran?

Competition Debuts (Friday, 11 p.m.) will close the first day of this year 61st Polish Song Competition in Opole. 10 participants will tackle the songs Czesław Niemen (this year marks 20 years since his death and 85 years since his birth anniversary). The following people will perform on stage: Klaudia Marzec, Zalia, Lou Lou Safran, Norbert Wronka, Iga Kozacka, Wojtek Stefanowski, Natalia Muianga, Dominika Dobrosielska (winner “Chances of success” – autumn 2023), Rope (winner of the competition of the National Center of Polish Song in Opole) and Alan Cymbalistathe winner of the show “Chances of success. Opole 2024”.

The youngest participant is 18 years old Lou Lou Safranwho released a new song before the performance in Opole “The hit of the summer” (check!). It was thanks to this song that the singer was qualified for Debuts.

“This is my favorite song on the album at the moment. Probably because when I was writing it, the words just came to my tongue, and my favorite Polish hits that I have loved since childhood were running through my head. 'Hit of the Summer' honors them and that's probably why I feel so happy when I listen to it. I hope that other listeners will also be inspired by it and will feel the breath of warm summer and the most positive vibrations from my song.” – says Lou Lou Safran.

The recording comes from the debut album “How To Hang Out With Friends Like Nothing's Wrong”.

The 18-year-old is the daughter of a native of Poznań Natalia Safran and her husband Peter Safran, a British film producer working in Hollywood. She emphasizes that she feels 100% Polish in her heart, and lists her among her greatest inspirations Jacek Kaczmarski, Zbigniew Wodecki, Jacek Różański and Thomas “Lipa” Lipnicki (Illusion, Lipali). Her list of musical fascinations also includes: Jeff Buckley, Eddie Vedder, Bruce Springsteen, Alex Turner, Triggerfinger, Deftones and America.

Lou Lou made her debut on the big screen as an actress when she was 8 years old. She then starred in a romance Nicholas Sparks “Choice” as the daughter of a couple of heroes – songs appeared in this film “Daylight” (listen!) sung by Natalia Safran and “Black Betty” performed by Natalia and her brother Mikołaj Jaroszykwith whom they form a duo TheForevers.

Lou Lou also appeared as an orphan haunted by a devil doll in “Annabelle: Rise of Evil” (the highest-grossing part of the horror universe “Presence”) and a small role in a DC Studio action film “Shazam: Fury of the Gods”.

However, the teenager is most passionate about music, writing her own songs for years.

In the summer of 2023, Safran debuted with her first concerts in Poznań. In turn, last fall she performed in the legendary club The Troubadour In Los Angelesin which stars such as: The Doors, Elton John Whether Metallica. A wider audience could also see it on the group's social media profiles The Lumineerswith an acoustic performance of their hit “Cleopatra”.