Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The Voice of Poland”: A great return to the TVP show after many years?

In recent months, Polish Television has undergone significant changes. The existing faces of the station disappeared from viewers’ screens, and their places were taken by new, and sometimes long-unseen hosts.

This way on the morning show “Question for breakfast” almost all the presenters were replaced, and according to “Plotka” information, there will also be changes “The Voice of Poland”, the most popular format broadcast on TVP. The portal reports that the producer of the show Rinke Rooyens received guidelines to refresh the group of trainers assessing participants.

“There is a new beginning on television, which is to be marked on every level. Hence the information that the program will not include stars strongly associated with television from the PiS era. No Edyta Górniak, Justyna Steczkowska and stars of this type should now count for involvement. People are going to see spectacular changes and a new quality,” says the portal’s informant.

A person from the production environment of the Polish “The Voice” even assumes that a great comeback is being prepared Kayah, which assessed the singers in the first edition of the program in 2011. Such a return would certainly bring the production new viewers.

“She was in the first edition of the program, a few years before PiS. Later she disappeared from TVP for many years, but she is ready to return. Rinke believes that engaging a singer like her in his program would clearly show that even there are new governments in entertainment and people who were previously unwelcome are returning. It is known that Kayah was an opponent of the previous ruling party. Not to mention that, in his opinion, it would be a good reference to the very beginning of the program. Fans of the show liked her in it,” admits the informant .