Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The Voice Kids”: Natasza Urbańska turned her chair around and divided the audience. “This is some joke”

Blind auditions for the new edition of “The Voice Kids” are underway. One of the participants in the last episode was 8-year-old Anastazja, who sang the children’s hit “We’re going to the ZOO”.

Her performance moved Natasza Urbańska, who turned her chair around at the last minute. However, viewers are strongly divided by this decision.

Fans of the program believe that the 8-year-old is too young and has no chance to compete with teenagers. “I have nothing against this girl, of course, but you should make a separate program for such babies and for older ones. I can’t imagine this girl in a battle with, for example, a 14-year-old”, “She is super cute, a cool girl, but she is still tiny compared to to other participants… the age range is too large in my opinion”, “For me, the age range in this program is too large… They should make such an edition typically for teenagers or toddlers” – they commented.

Others, however, accused the coaches of turning their backs on “cutes” and ignoring talented teenagers. “It’s a ridiculous joke! Every 8-year-old child would sing like that or even better, this program should be available for 10 years, because it’s a failure, people who sing beautifully don’t get into the program, and something like that and the seats are reversed,” ” The fact that she got in and the one before her didn’t is a joke, honestly,” they criticized.