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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The TVP reporter has been suspended! Vulgarisms on TV in “Panorama”

On Sunday, TVP2 experienced a serious mishap during the live coverage. Marcin Dryszel was supposed to provide information about the fire at the Marywilska Shopping Center in Warsaw, but he could not find the right words. He decided to replace the gap with vulgarity.

The journalist had a serious problem with concisely presenting the latest information about the fire that was burning the Shopping Center.
“At 12 o'clock the services said that the level was elevated… that the level, concentration was elevated… that there were no elevated levels…” – Marcin Dryszel tried to report, and at that moment a vulgar word was uttered. Apparently this had a cathartic effect on him, because after a while he continued speaking.

However, this did not clear the air in the National Broadcasting Council, which on Monday announced the initiation of proceedings after the incident. According to unofficial information obtained by Wirtualne Media, Marcin Dryszel has already been suspended by TVP2.

According to information obtained from other TVP2 journalists, Dryszel has so far been a journalist who has proven himself in his job and has been working for the station for years.

“During the coverage, he was overcome with stage fright because he had no previous experience with preparing live shows,” an anonymous journalist told Wirtualne Media.

Apart from Marcin Dryszel, no one was suspended.