Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The star’s villa is dripping with luxury. The bird’s eye view is breathtaking!

BillyJoel is the biggest star of the New York scene. The songs remain his greatest hits “Piano Man” and famous “Uptown Girl”.

The legendary songwriter, composer and pianist has released his last album “Fantasies and Delusions” in 2001. However, it was an album composed of classical music pieces co-created with his participation Richard Hyung-kand Jo.

In fact, Joel retired as a writer in 1993 with the album “River of Dreams”. Later he released only one song, “All My Life” (2007), which was a gift for his then new wife, Katie Lee (two years later they divorced). On February 1, the artist’s first song, accompanied by a music video, was released.

Recently, the legendary singer decided to sell one of his luxurious houses. Billy Joel, whose fortune is valued at $225 million, was listing it for $65 million six months ago, but has now decided to lower the price to $55 million. The elegant design and pastel finish of the house delight architecture fans.

The house of the 74-year-old music star is located on a 26-acre plot, and the estate itself has 2,000 square meters. square meters! The building is accompanied by a huge swimming pool, as well as many amenities such as a helicopter landing pad, a floating dock and a boat ramp. Above all, the house borders the beautiful blue ocean, to which there is a special, private access.

Additionally, inside there are five bedrooms and six bathrooms, a bowling alley, a home cinema, a wine pantry, an additional indoor swimming pool and a four-car garage.

The house can really delight – even those who do not pay much attention to the decor, because it is extremely timeless. Inside, various styles (modern, but also Anglican) were combined, creating a truly eclectic image of the whole. Some people’s attention will certainly be focused on the garden furniture on the terrace. Even though the house is so expensive, these types of wicker chairs with cushions are available in many popular discount stores.

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