Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The star suddenly collapsed! Failure in front of the audience

Madonna he has been on a world tour for over five months “Celebration Tour”. After last year’s health problems, the star decided to tackle hits released over the last forty years.

Although her concerts are perfect in every detail, there are mistakes. Some time ago, fans sued her for being late to her own concert, and now a harmless, although dangerous, situation has arisen. During Sunday’s concert in Seattle, the 65-year-old star tripped and fell to the floor. This happened during a planned sequence – the artist is approached by a dancer who grabs a chair with Madonna sitting on it. This time the routine failed and the dancer, running in high heels, tripped, dragging the star down with him.

Madonna spent a moment on the floor and – as befits a professional – continued singing. Another colleague came to her rescue, but the pop queen stood up on her own and rejected his helping hand. She reacted to everything with laughter, and as her fans notice, this shows the distance from reality that she supposedly lacked years ago. They remind us that if such a mishap had happened several dozen years ago, the dancer would probably have been thrown out of the group.

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