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“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”: This character will be missing in the second season. The actress spoke up

“The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power” is one of the most popular Prime Video productions. The series has already been seen by over 100 million fans around the world. Although opinions about the production differed, it was known that a second season would be created.

Season 2 trailer shows the heroes' journey to the Second Age and the growing influence of Sauron, who continues his vengeful mission to gain full power. “Evil, ancient and powerful, has returned. Get ready!” – are the first words you hear. The trailer also reveals the long-awaited creation of the next Rings of Power, which are to enable Suron to enslave all the peoples of Middle-earth.

New episodes of the Prime Video show will debut on August 29. As we know, the cast was joined by, among others: Ciaran Hinds, Rory Kinnear and Tanya Moodie. Unfortunately, Nazanin Boniadi will be missing in the second season.

Nazanin Boniadi, who played the healer Bronwyn in the first season of the series, has decided to leave the series. Fans have already noticed her absence in the trailer of the latest episodes. After speculations whether the actress's decision was influenced by her activities for #WomanLifeFreedom, Boniadi posted a post on Instagram in which she explained the reasons for resigning from the role in the Prime Video production.

I did not decide to return in the second season of 'Rings of Power'. “The decision was in no way related to the fact that I made it a priority to be an advocate and fight for the people in my homeland who risk everything fighting for freedom,” she writes.

“During my career, I have been faithful to the values ​​of honesty, empathy and honesty. My character, Bronwyn, shared the same ideas of wanting a just world. That's why I identified with her so strongly. I can't wait to share my latest projects with you,” adds Boniadi.

According to Deadline, the role of Bronwyn will not be played by a new actress.

“(…) The Amazon Studios series will be brought to the screen for the first time heroic legends of the Second Age of Middle-earth. The action of this epic drama will take place thousands of years before the events known from 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings'. It will take the viewer to a world where powerful forces were forged, kingdoms were heading towards their glory but also downfall, extraordinary heroes faced trials, hope hung on a thin thread, and the greatest villains, ever created by Tolkienthreatened to plunge the world into darkness,” reads the official description of the series.

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