Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The In-Laws 2”: A cinematic hit coming soon to Netflix. It attracted crowds of spectators

Will there be a wedding this time? Weronika and Łukasz – the would-be bride and groom from the first part decide to give themselves a second chance and invite their family to the wedding and wedding reception in a seaside town. The guests include characters already well known to viewers: Wanda and Tadeusz with their dog Mirelka, as well as divorced Małgorzata accompanied by… Jan, who is several years younger than her, and her mother. The sea, drinks, naked sunbathers all make the family members of the bride and groom open up more and more and take off their masks.

In-laws 2“is a comic and ironic story about the state of a marriage that has been going on for thirty years, about the generational difference in a relationship, which still seems to be a taboo topic, and about whether it is worth getting married at all,” we read in the official description.

They met again on the set of the film “In-Laws 2”. Maja Ostaszewskaand Izabela Kuna, Adam Woronowicz and Ewa Dałkowska. Eryk Kulm Jr. and Andrzej Zieliński joined the cast.

The second part of the film “In-Laws” attracted crowds of viewers to cinemas. We have great news for those who missed the screening or want to repeat it. “The In-Laws 2” will hit Netflix on June 12.

“We invite you to the next wedding. 'Tościowie 2' on June 12” – we read on the official Polish Netflix profile on Instagram.

This news was met with great enthusiasm by commenters. “I've already watched it three times. The actors have outdone themselves. I'll watch it again,” wrote one of the users.

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