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“The Golden Boy” summary of episodes 201-206. Ferit learns the truth, and Halis proposes to Hatice!

Series “The golden boy” is a Turkish production that focuses on the life and love adventures of the main character, Ferit. He is a young man from a wealthy family, known for his carefree lifestyle and numerous affairs, which earns him the nickname “The Golden Boy”. 202nd episode of the series Ferit was looking for a way to get his father out of prison. Will he finally be able to free his father?? The answer can be found in the latest, extremely exciting episodes.

Ferit goes to his father-in-law’s estate, Kazim. There is a heated exchange of words between the men. At some point, Seyran joins the discussion, which once again makes Ferit understand, that it’s over. Despite this, Ferit is convinced that Seyran still loves him, but for some reason does not want to be with him.

Seyran becomes engaged to Akin. And Ferit he learns that his father, who is in prison, will soon be released. The whole family is going to pick up Orhan. Kaya says in front of the entire family that Suna wants a divorce, which leads to an argument.

Kazim remembers the old days and believes that he has always been a good father and man, despite his many sins. The situation becomes tense, when he finds out that Kaya tried to hit Suna. Seyran, disappointed with the situation, decides to take Suna back home, which leads to misunderstandings with Kazim and other family members.

Seyran confesses to his mother and aunt, that she agreed to get engaged to Akin, to save Orhan. Serter becomes increasingly possessive of Pelin. He is obsessed with Ferit; it seems to him that the girl is constantly thinking about him. She decides that the entire apartment is too large for her, so it limits her freedom at home.

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Ferit shows his love for Seyran, but the situation becomes complicated when he learns about Seyran’s engagement to Akin and becomes very upset. He talks to his wife in the room, trying to find out the truth.

Ferit doesn’t believe Seyran’s words. He finally manages to find out the truth. Seyran confesses that Okkes threatened her to kill Orhan and she became engaged to Akin to save him. Ferit hugs his wife and assures her that everything will be fine and that they will get through this together.

Halis asks Latifa to bring Ferit in, saying that now that he has calmed down, they should talk. He adds that if divorce is inevitable, Ferit should rent a house for his wife to end the matter. Ferit enters the living room, opposing this proposal and claiming that Seyran will stay with them. In the conversation he reveals, that Seyran was engaged to another man, to save his father, which to him proves her sacrifice. The character of Okkes appears, who has problems with his family and is connected with the kidnapping of Seyran.

Orhan expresses fears of Okkes’ revenge, and Halis, not recognizing him in the photo, wonders about the reason for his hostility. The discussion moves to Halis’s office, where he tries to guess the reason for the conflict with Okkes. Zerrin shows up at Kazim’s house and asks for help with his daughter. Ferit uses a trick to bring Aunt Hattic to the mansion.

Orhan expresses his gratitude to Seyran for her enormous sacrifice that allowed him to escape danger. Ferit escorts Hatice to the mansion. Halis explains to her that his actions come from helplessness, not strength, and that he would like to visit her in person if he could.

Orhan’s father asks about the identity of a certain man, and Hatice reminds him that he was an orphan and everyone avoided him. When Orhan’s father asks why he is interested in their family, Hatice mentions that he was beaten for watching her.

Okkes is detained by Count Ziya. Orhan arrives at the place where Okkes is being held and confronts him. Halis thanks the Count for completing the task. Hatice believes that leaving the gangster alive, leaving his fate in the hands of the Most High. Hatice expresses his concerns about whether he is able to cope with new challenges. Halis reassures her, claiming that she is the source of good things and that bad events are his fault. They consider whether their children will have to pay for their sins, and Halis admits, that he had acted aggressively in the past to defend Hatice.

Hatice asks Halis why he made her wait for years, and he replies that he was afraid for her safety. He admits that his grandson is like him and that their love has stood the test of time. Halis asks her not to finish their story and then gives Hatika an engagement ring, which moves her to tears.

Episodes 203-206 of the series “Golden Boy” will be broadcast on the following dates:

  • episode 203: Tuesday, June 25, 2024, at 2 p.m. on TVP;
  • episode 204: Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at 2 p.m. on TVP 1;
  • episode 205: Thursday, June 27, 2024, at 2 p.m. on TVP1;
  • episode 206: Friday, June 28, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. on TVP 1;

All episodes will also be available on the website TVP VOD. For viewers who cannot watch the premiere episodes, the series will be re-broadcast “Golden Boy” takes place from Monday to Friday, at 6:05 on the channel TVP1.

Please note that due to the European Football Championship being held, the series may not be broadcast on regular dates. On the days when the matches will take place, viewers will have the opportunity to follow the games live on public television instead of episodes of the series.

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