Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The Cursed Dawn” by Ulcerate. Check out the new song “The Dawn Is Hollow”

I’m talking about the album “Cutting The Throat Of God”, the recording of which he was responsible for Jamie Saint Meratdrummer Ulcerate. The musician also mixed the album and prepared the cover. Mastering done Magnus LindbergSwedish producer and member of the group Cult Of Luna.

Ulcerate’s seventh longplay will be released on June 14 by Debemur Morti Productions. The French label is preparing a CD version, a vinyl edition and a digital version.

On March 15, the band released the first single from the new album. A music video was created for the composition “The Dawn Is Hollow”, which you can watch below:

1. “To Flow Through Ashen Hearts”
2. “The Dawn Is Hollow”
3. “Further Opening The Wounds”
4. “Transfiguration In And Out Of Worlds”
5. “To See Death Just Once”
6. “Undying As An Apparition”
7. “Cutting The Throat Of God”.