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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The colors of happiness”: Episode 3017. He must be ready for the worst. What if he's left alone?

Regina will notice that Herman – although he helps her decorate the club – is thinking elsewhere. She will ask him directly if the fact that Malwina will not be home for Christmas is the only reason for his low mood.

– I'm worried that Malwina will have to take strong medications and will always be so… emotionless – he will hear.

The heron, moved by the masseur's sincere confession, will start to comfort him.

– So far, she has responded well to the drugs and has had periods of remission – she will remind him, but her words will not calm him down at all.

– Well, yes, but… The more I learn about this disease, the more terrified I am of it – Herman will whisper.

– Everything is possible – he will add.

Regina touches Kolski's arm as if she wanted to comfort him.

– Why do you assume the worst? – he will ask.

After a moment of silence, Kolski will say that he has to assume the worst.

– If only to prepare for the worst, you know? And it's not about me, but about Rozalka. Because what if she only has support in me? – sighs.

– Everything will work out, you'll see – Heron will hug him.

– Well, I won't see it – the blind masseur smiles.

Soon afterwards, Regina will decide to tell Herman that she, too, has faced the illness of her loved one in the past.

– A serious illness of a partner is a lot for the other party to bear. I know something about it, he says.

– How so? Is Franek sick? – Kolski gets angry.

– No, no Franek… My first husband was sick for a very long time. He didn't get out of bed – the mere mention of his dead husband brings tears to Czapla's eyes.

– Malwina needs help, but in my opinion you should also take care of yourself – he advises Herman.

Regina will suggest to the masseur that he should consult a specialist.

– You may need some type of therapy, too. You know it's neither shame nor failure, he'll say.

Will Kolski follow his boss's advice and consult a psychologist? How will he cope with his wife's illness in the long run? We will know the answers to these questions only in September, when TVP2 resumes broadcasting “Colors of happiness” after the summer break.

For the broadcast of the 3017th episode “Colors of happiness” TVP2 invites you on Wednesday, June 5 at 8:10 p.m.