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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The colors of happiness”: Episode 2983. By chance he will meet her again. This will end badly for him

That day, Bruno will go shopping with his whole family to the shopping mall. Right after leaving the parking lot, he will receive a message from Justin (Jasper Sołtysiewicz).

– I have to go back to the car for a moment – he will tell his wife and mother, and then explain to them that it is about the invoice, which he most likely left in the car instead of giving it to Skotnicki.

– Go. We’ll find each other in a moment – Bożena (Marieta Żukowska) smiles.

A moment later, Stański will see Karolina. His ex-lover will approach him to say hello.

Różańska will boast to Bruno that she returned to Warsaw because she got a promotion.

– It’s good that they appreciate you in this new job. Not like me… – sighs Stański.

Karolina will look him straight in the eye and confess that she didn’t feel underappreciated when she worked at the hotel, and that she only left because she wanted to change something in her life.

– And how are you? How’s Bożena? – suddenly changes the subject.

– She has already recovered from the accident. She was very involved in rehabilitation, says Bruno.

– He has someone to live for. “That’s good,” Różańska whispers.

– It’s time for me – he will add after a moment of silence.

Stanski unexpectedly grabs her arm and gently pulls her towards him.

– No… I don’t want to reopen old wounds. Or talk to you. I don’t want us to suffer again – Karolina will take a step back, turn around and walk away.

Bruno follows her with his eyes, having no idea that Amelia is watching him.

When Stanski finally joins his wife and mother, Amelia will tell him that she saw him with Karolina.

“You swore it was over,” he would remind his son.

– Because it’s finished. We met here by accident – he will hear.

– It didn’t look like that – the senior says, but she won’t be able to finish her thought because she will notice that Bożena is looking at them.

Bruno will still have time to ask his mother not to interfere in his affairs.

– Why are you arguing? – his wife will ask him.

– We argued a bit because my mother doesn’t care about her health at all – Stański lies to her.

The same day, immediately after returning home from shopping, Amelia will call Karolina using Bruno’s phone. He will introduce himself and start attacking.

– I want you to stay away from my son. You’ve already messed up enough. I hope that today was the last time you saw each other. Get on with your life – let it out and end the call.

Amelia won’t notice Bożena standing in the door, who – as it turns out – will hear everything.

The next morning, Stańska will check who her mother-in-law was communicating with. He will be shocked when he sees a familiar name on Bruna’s phone display.

– Did you cheat on me only with Karolina or were there others as well? – she will ask her husband directly.

Will Stański finally admit to betrayal? Will Bożena learn the truth about what happened between him and the former receptionist and finally find out why Różańska left her job at their hotel?

For the broadcast of the 2983rd episode “Colors of happiness” TVP2 invites you on Tuesday, April 16 at 8:10 p.m.