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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The Bridgertons”: Will we see a great transformation of the hero? Positive changes for Anthony!

We met Anthony Bridgerton as the head of the family and a young man quite burdened with family responsibilities, who at the same time has a weakness for women with whom he does not have to engage in serious relationships. In the second season, we get to know a bit of the sensitive side of Anthony, who begins a steamy romance with Kate. Fans were fascinated by the dynamics of their relationship and watched with bated breath where their relationship would go. Third season “The Bridgertons” can show viewers new aspects of a beloved character.

So far, Anthony has appeared to us as a defender of the family's honor, not mincing words and firmly insisting that he does not need love, and that common sense and a common goal are enough for marriage. In the second season, the mask of a cold businessman began to break a bit and we could see a slightly more delicate and emotional side.

According to the book canon, Anthony finds out who Lady Whistledown is, who in the second season of the series seriously messed up the reputation of the Bridgerton family. Due to this difficult situation, new paths of development as a hero will open up for the man. In the novel, Anthony is not only genuinely surprised by his discovery, but he also admires Penelope for being able to keep the secret for so long. He is willing to help Penelope and Colin, which indicates that he has become more flexible and is willing to bend the rules a bit. Could this be Kate's saving influence?

In the second season, Anthony and Kate's relationship looked like being in the same room could cause casualties. However, step by step, the woman brought out emotions from him that had previously been deeply hidden. They teased each other and were sarcastic, but the feelings between them were clearly visible. Their relationship can become an example for the rest of the siblings, who may believe that true love is waiting for them too. And Anthony himself may reveal even more of his sensitive side to the audience – especially when he has to fight for the happiness of his younger brother Colin.

The new season of “Bridgerton” will debut in May, but it will be divided into two parts. We'll see the first one on May 16, and we'll have to wait until June 13 for the next part.