Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The 27-year-old rapper is dead. He died in prison. The Italians are talking about the black series

Jordan Jeffrey Baby (check!) was a 27-year-old rapper from Rome. The musician’s cause of death was said to be suicide.

The man was sent to prison Torre del Gallo in Pavia in 2023, when he was sentenced to four years and four months in prison for assault Nigerian in the town Carnate.

The investigation showed that the rapper attacked the man for racist reasons. Before the attack, he allegedly insulted and called the future victim.

It was known that the 27-year-old had psychological problems. However, despite therapy, the court decided that the man should go to prison. While in prison Jordan Jeffrey Baby he complained to the lawyer about his mistreatment. He also reported that he had suicidal thoughts.

The Italian media draws attention to the growing problem of suicides in local prisons. In recent months, prisoners in the Campania region have taken their own lives several times, which has led to a discussion about what is happening in the Italian prison system.

Italian Ombudsman Samuel Ciambriello he said that Italy, and especially the Campania region, “needs concrete answers before further tragedies occur.”