Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Taylor Swift’s father charged with assault. “They threatened to throw me into the water”

Taylor Swift is in progress “The Eras Tour”, which will also come to our country in August. He will perform in Warsaw three times (August 1-3). The tour is the most profitable in history, and so far it has brought her as much as USD 2 billion in profit in the USA alone.

The star has been in the spotlight for years among fans and the media, who follow her almost everywhere. Understandably, the singer doesn’t like it very much. To celebrate the end of the Australian leg of the tour, she took the liberty of throwing a party for her colleagues. Once the party was over, Swift and her loved ones boarded the yacht at the ferry wharf on Sydney’s north shore. This is where the incident occurred, during which the 71-year-old Scott Swift hit a 51-year-old photographer. According to the attacked paparazzo, he in no way provoked such an attack.

The star’s representatives have a different opinion and suggest that the paparazzi behaved imprudently. “Two people aggressively pushed toward Taylor, grabbing her security staff and threatening to throw her into the water,” a spokesman told People magazine. The photos that appeared on the Internet show that the star wanted to pass unnoticed by covering herself with a black umbrella.

However, Taylor Swift’s fans do not believe that her father would behave like this – they know him from his daughter’s presence at concerts, who can always count on his support. Moreover, during them he moves among the fans, handing out guitar picks and, recently, sandwiches.

For now, the Australian police are investigating the alleged assault. We will learn more details soon.