Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Taylor Swift was madly in love with him. She decided to make a sad confession

Taylor Swift is one of those stars who is not afraid of honesty. Especially towards the fans. That’s why they were the first to hear during the concert in Melbourne that writing songs for the album allowed her to survive a difficult time in her life and professionally.

“‘Tortured Poets’ is an album that had to be made. Probably more than any other album I’ve ever recorded. It was a real lifeline for me. It had to do with the things I was going through at that time and which I write about in songs,” she said Swift. “Working on it reminded me why songwriting is what drives me through life, and I don’t think I’ve ever made an album that I needed more than this,” she added.

This confession can only fuel the speculations that fans have been making since the album was announced. And they are convinced that the artist devoted a lot of space to her ex-boyfriend on the album. In their opinion, the English actor Joe Alwynwith which the artist was associated for six years, until April 2023, was an inspiration.

Swift added fuel to the fire by adding on the same stage that during her last relationship – as quoted by “Mirror” – she drank as much white wine as her weight out of loneliness.

Fans of the 34-year-old singer do not play diplomacy when considering media reports of her recent performances. They ask directly Joe Alwyn: “Are you ready for an album about yourself?”

At the same time, they recalled an interview with him in which he admitted that he, Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott they have a common group on one of the messengers called “The Tortured Man Club”. According to commentators, this is enough to guess who Swift will refer to in her songs.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn they became a couple in 2017. Swift confirmed this only in 2019 on the occasion of the release of the extended album “Lover”, where she wrote that since 2017 she has been staying in London almost all the time, where she is “hiding with her boyfriend from the nasty world that wants to spoil everything for us”.

“I am aware that people want to know about our relationship. (…) “I think we managed to maintain privacy and only now people found out,” Alwyn said in an interview with British Vogue, cutting off further discussions.

Since then, Swift and her partner have started making more public appearances. They came together, among others. for the gala BAFTA and on Golden Globes. Swift also dedicated the album to him “Lover”. “My relationship is not a topic for discussion,” she said in an interview with The Guardian.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, when Taylor Swift released the albums “Folklore” and “Evermore”, the co-author of two songs on the first one was a certain William Boverywhich is actually Alwyn hiding under a pseudonym.

“My relationship is more like real life now than a tabloid story,” Swift said. In the following months, there were even rumors about the couple’s engagement, but they were never confirmed.

In April 2023, reports about the end of the relationship broke, and Alwyn was a major absentee at the start of the singer’s new concert tour – “The ERAS Tour”. People magazine reported in the following days that the stars broke up due to “differences in character.” Swift and her partner allegedly decided that “after leaving the pandemic bubble” they did not fit together.

The actor was supposedly unable to cope with the huge media confusion surrounding Swift.

Taylor Swift’s 11th album will be released on April 19. During the Grammy gala, Swift revealed that she had kept information about the new album a secret for two years.

Shortly after the announcement, we got to know the album cover. In a black and white photo taken by Beth Garrabrant we can see the star lying in the sheets on the bed.

It is also known that “The Tortured Poets Department” will contain 16 songs, while the bonus recordings will be: “The Bolter” and “The Manuscript” (depends on the specific release). Guests on the album will include: Florence + The Machine and Post Malone.