Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Szczepanik blushed. What happened in the dressing room of “The Voice Senior”?

Ewa Bohdanowicz in the semi-finals “The Voice Senior” faced quite a challenge. The participant sang a song performed by, among others, By Kalina Jędrusik – “I’m afraid to sleep alone”, which she originally sang Zula Pogorzelska.

The coaches appreciated her performance. “Ewa, I don’t believe at all that you are afraid of sleeping alone. You have mastered the art of seduction. And you found a way. You have great charm on stage and you captured the spirit of this song,” she commented. Alicja Węgorzewska.

When Tomasz Szczepanik he asked the singer to whom the lyrics of the song were addressed. “You were looking at the balcony all the time,” he said.

“Tomek, you wanted to. I sang to you. Today we met in the dressing room, we have a photo together,” Bohdanowicz replied to him.

“You were a cat,” she summed up briefly Maryla Rodowicz. “My husband is in the audience, and here are these words…” added the participant.

When Tomasz Szczepanik He found out where Mrs. Ewa’s husband was sitting, got up from his seat and addressed him directly. “What is your husband’s name? Mrs. Bogdan, I am your friend,” he concluded.