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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Strachy”: Polsat Box Go launches a new initiative. It's a series bordering on magic and dreams

The series was included in the Polsat Box Go Premium, Polsat Box Go Start and Polsat Box Go Polonia packages (for users outside the country).

“Fears” it stories full of secrets, bordering on magic and dreams. The inspiration behind each episode is another Polish legend or historical event. The main characters of the story are Janek (Andrzej Plata) and Gośka (Hanna Turnau) – a pair of friends and a reporter tandem in one. He is a camera operator, she is a reporter in the editorial office of a local television station.

In the first episode, the characters go to Zegrze on business to record an interview with a disco polo star. They don't know yet that on that day they will be drawn into the world of supernatural legends and terrifying events, that will seriously disrupt their lives.

Director of a 5-episode series series is Łukasz Kobylarz, who, together with the cinematographer Łukasz Sawicki, is also responsible for the script. For the main actors, Hanna Turnau and Andrzej Plata, this is the debut in this type of production. The cast also included more experienced artists, such as Dagmara Bilińska and Tadeusz Kwinta. The disturbing atmosphere is created by original music composed by Masia and Hubert Walkowski.

The series “Strachy” has joined the Konesera Club collection in Polsat Box Go. This place, where lovers of independent, auteur and even experimental cinema will find titles for themselves. There are films awarded at the most important festivals, created by great filmmakers such as: Agnieszka Holland, Pier Paolo Passolini, Michaelangelo Antonioni, Bernardo Bertolucci, Abel Ferrara, Steven Spielberg, Gaspar Noe and Arthur Penn.

IN At the Konesera Club, viewers will watch festival gems, as well as excellent family productions appreciated by the audience and critics.the distribution of which is the responsibility of the New Horizons Association.

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