Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Stop Making Sense”: The best concert film of all time is back in Polish cinemas

“Stop Making Séances” chronicles the Talking Heads’ 1983 tour. Faithfully documenting the stage show presented by Talking Heads, which was the brainchild of the group’s vocalist – David Byrne, director Jonathan Demme and cinematographer Jordan Cronweth created a multimedia spectacle in which each song is a separate image reflecting the panorama of Byrne’s incarnations. The talent of Taking Heads and Demme’s vision make “Stop Making Sense” successful both on the musical and film levels.

Last year, thanks to A24, the film “Stop Making Sense” returned to cinema screens in an improved 4K version with digitally refreshed sound. In April, Polish viewers will be able to see Demme’s masterpiece in 4K quality.

“Forty years after its premiere, we will see “Stop Making Sense” in an improved 4K version with digitally refreshed sound. The already cult film, shot over four days during a concert tour, plays with the traditional structure of the hero’s journey. David Byrne, the band’s vocalist, with each subsequent With this rock song, she expands her musical team to talk about her own soul in a visionary way. Perhaps one of her main voices is the song ‘Psycho Killer’,” we read on the Facebook profile of Timeless Film Festival Warsaw.

The event organizers encourage viewers to come to the show – like David Byrne – in oversized suits.