Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

She used to use food banks and wander the streets. Today he is a big star

Even today Katy Perry is one of the most recognizable artists in the American music industry, who has sold millions of records, her life has not always been a bed of roses. In an interview with People magazine, the 13-time Grammy-nominated singer talked about growing up in Santa Barbara, marked by poverty. The star’s family regularly used the help of charities because they were struggling with serious financial problems.

“You want to talk about relying on food stamps? We can talk about it because I know it firsthand. We can talk about food banks and singing in the street as a teenager when you’re hoping to earn at least $20 to meet your basic needs,” she said. Perry.

A few years ago, the author of the hit “Last Friday Night” decided to use her experience to help young people who – just like she once did – are in a difficult financial situation. In 2018, the star founded it with her older sister Angela Hudson Lerche foundation Firework Foundationwhose mission is to support children and young people from less privileged backgrounds.

One of the programs implemented by the organization is Camp Firework, during which participants take part in, among others: in songwriting lessons, choreography classes and shoe design workshops. They also learn transcendental meditation, which aims to achieve deep relaxation and distance themselves from everyday problems.

“When I hear all these stories of our students and learn what their families are struggling with, I feel overwhelmed. But also grateful that we can show them that there is something better. We, too, came from nowhere. Katy does not come from musical family, she had no connections in the industry. To get where she is now, she worked hard for many years,” noted the artist’s sister, who is the president of the Firework Foundation.

“I hope that these kids will believe that, like me, they have a chance to fulfill their dreams. We want to support these young people at every stage of education. If in a hundred years no one will remember someone like Katy Perry, but people will know our foundation, my goal will be achieved,” the singer emphasized.

In addition to Grammy nominations, Katy Perry has won over 100 various awards, including: five American Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards, four Guinness Book Records and Brit Awards. Her achievements conclude with her sixth album “Smile” from August 2020.