Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

She made Urbańska cry in “The Voice Kids”! Who is Michell Siwak?

Cleo, Baron and Tomson and a new addition to the talent show – Natasza Urbańska, go in search of the most talented children aged 8-14. One of the most anticipated moments of the first episode is undoubtedly the appearance of the 14-year-old Michell Siwakwho charmed the audience with her amazing voice and made her… Natasza Urbańska and Cleo they completely fell apart.

A teenager who sang a hit in a spectacular way Beyonce “1+1”turned all the coaching chairs around in just a few seconds.

“You reminded me why we are all here, to commune with such talents and help discover them. You are amazing, it’s completely off the charts,” he announced right after the performance. Baron.

The program’s coaches also had a similar opinion about Michell’s performance, and they were unable to stop the tears from coming to their eyes.

“I had several explosions in my head during your song. My brain exploded…” she confessed Natasha.

“Michell, you just sing with your heart, it’s magic,” she said, moved Cleo.

Despite his young age, Michell Siwak has a lot of musical experience behind him. She was born and raised in London and was interested in music from an early age. She started singing at the age of 5 and is largely self-taught, which only highlights her natural talent.

In his free time, Michell indulges in another interest: cooking. Her fascination with world cuisines allows her to discover new flavors and cultures from around the world. Her biggest dream is to be a real diva and perform on the biggest music stages. And it seems to be within reach, especially after such an exciting start in “The Voice Kids”.

TVP viewers will be able to watch the seventh season of “The Voice Kids” on February 24. Let us remind you that the participants will be supported by Ida Nowakowska and Tomasz Kammel in making their dreams come true. For now, it is not known whether the hosts, who were recently fired from the station, will return for the final episode, which is broadcast live.