Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

She defeated Doda and Dawid Podsiadło! Her hit was the biggest hit of 2023

The most comprehensive list, combining physical and digital sales of music albums, opens with the sixth studio album Taco Hemingway “1-800-OŚWIECENIE”, which premiered on September 22, 2023, took second place Dawid Podsiadlo with the album “The Twenties”. The publication was released on the market in October 2022. Bribe with the album “spokój.”, which debuted at number one on the OLiS weekly chart on March 24, 2023, rounds out the top three. Right behind the podium was the duo’s “PROXL3M” release PRO8L3Mwhich premiered on December 1, 2023. It also made it to the top five sanah with the album “sanah sings Poezyje”.

The first place on the list of the most popular albums in streaming – OLiS albums in streaming – also belongs to Dawid Podsiała and his album “The Twenties”. The publishing house took second place Guziora from 2020 – “Pleśń” – where the rapper invited, among others, Kukon, Favesta and Szpak. Bribe with the album “peace.” this time he takes third place. The team finished just behind the podium Arctic Monkeys with the album that premiered over 10 years ago – “AM”. It takes fifth place OK with an album released in 2022 – “PRODUKT47”.

We most often bought the publication “1-800-OŚWIECENIE” on physical media. Taco Hemingway. Right behind them was the hip-hop duo PRO8L3M with the “PROXL3M” board. The podium closes Dawid Podsiadlo with the album The Twenties. The 4th place on the OLiS albums list physically belongs to sanah with the publishing house “sanah sings Poezyje”. He placed fifth Avi with the album “The Little Prince”.

The most popular song on streaming services was the single “Taxi” prepared by Kiza with the participation of a new singer and rapper discovery – Bletki. The world hit took second place Miley Cyrus – “Flowers”. Rounds out the top three Zeamson with the song “5 influencers”. He was just behind the podium Dawid Podsiadlo with the song “mori”, which comes from the album “The Twenties”. Fifth place belongs to Dody and Smolastego in the hit “Before the Sun Sets”.

The most frequently purchased vinyl in 2023 was the band’s box Cult, prepared on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the band – “XLI”. In second place was the album recorded in 1999 by the band Myslovitz – “Love in the times of pop culture”. The third place on the annual list of the most popular vinyl records belongs to the group’s latest release Depeche Mode, titled “Memento Mori”. He placed just behind the top three Dawid Podsiadlo with the album “The Twenties”. Fifth place, as in the case of the list presenting total physical sales, is taken by the team Metallica and the album “72 Seasons”.

It is worth emphasizing that Polish artists constitute the majority of those at the top of all rankings. On the list combining physical and digital sales of albums – the first foreign album appears only in 14th place and it is the release of the Italian band Maneskin, titled “Rush!”. In total, there are 72 albums in the top 100 by Polish artists.

For physical media, only two places in the top ten were given to foreign artists: sixth place went to Metallica with “72 Seasons” and ninth place to Depeche Mode – “Memento Mori”. In the entire ranking presenting the first hundred positions, 71 are occupied by albums by Polish artists.

In the streaming charts, 9 out of the first 10 songs and albums are the productions of domestic artists, and in the top 100 they include 68 songs and 67 albums.

Only the list of vinyl records gives a slight advantage to foreign artists – they include 55 positions in the entire list, but in the TOP10 only four places were given to artists from outside Poland.