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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Series that are missing from streaming

The action of the series takes place in a tiny town in Alaska inhabited by only 839 inhabitants. This is where the main character, a young doctor Joel Fleischman, goes, who is very dissatisfied with his stay there. Firstly, he doesn’t like such isolated places, secondly, he had to leave his fiancée, and thirdly, “entering” such a small community is very difficult. Slowly, however, he gets to know the inhabitants and begins to make friends with them. The series used to be broadcast by TVP2, but now it cannot be found on any streaming service.

MacGyver is a man whose legendary abilities have made him extremely popular. Who else could make a helicopter out of a rod or a catapult out of matches? Despite many logical loopholes, the series does really well as a thriller. The title character is an employee of the top secret Phoenix foundation. In each episode, we watched as MacGyver had to cope with new tasks using completely ordinary objects.

“Lost” is a series that has gathered millions of viewers in front of the screens for a long time. Everyone was anxiously waiting for the next bits of information that could in any way lead the viewers to what was really happening on this island.

The series focuses on the story of passengers on Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles, whose plane crashes on a desert island. Survivors have a hard time keeping their cool, but nature is unforgiving – they must quickly learn new skills to survive. Can they work together to save their own lives? Even so, the island will not succumb to them easily.

The intro music of this series still stimulates the imagination and arouses a shiver of anxiety. “From X Archive” focuses on two FBI agents who deal with paranormal phenomena. Will Dana Scully finally believe the mysterious events and extraterrestrial life that her new partner Fox Mulder tells her about?

Three completely different sisters inherit an old Victorian house from their grandmother. After moving, they find a Book that explains to them that the ancestors of their family were once witches. Women receive magical powers that they should use to do good and fight demons. They keep their identities a secret while trying to improve the world.