Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Sarsa in the first interview after diagnosis. “Is this the end?”

About a disease that can lead to hearing loss, Sarsa she told in 2023. “Is this the end? Like Beethoven, I hear less and less. Even though I know the diagnosis too well – otosclerosis. I recorded the album in two months, as if there was a fire. Because my life is music – fate loves strange things” – we heard on the EP “Epilogue 5 minutes”.

“And so it became known, among other things, the difficult admission that for about 10 years I have been suffering from a mysterious and f*cking insidious hearing disease (…) I have been playing concerts since I was 16, I have recorded five solo albums, I co-created many musical projects. I have been following the enthusiasm of music all my life. I love what I do so much that I didn't notice that… I was going deaf,” she wrote on Instagram.

At that time, she was undergoing an implant procedure, which stopped the disease. “Thanks to the titanium valve in my ear, I feel like I can hear the different colors of light. After removing the dressings, I burst into tears – I didn't know you could hear like that,” she wrote.

Now she talked about the disease in the series “Star Diagnoses”. “The disease that happened to me is undoubtedly such a strong collision for me, especially since I work in a profession closely related to hearing and speech. It was difficult for me to come to terms with the diagnosis, but the desire to be missionary (…), to be useful to other people “was and is always stronger in me, so that's where the courage to expose myself and admit that I'm sick comes from,” she confessed.

She also added that she wants to break the spell on the topic of hearing impairment, which is still a taboo. “I talk about it with my colleagues from the industry, that hearing loss is still a taboo topic. We are no longer ashamed of wearing braces (…), and yet we are ashamed of having a hearing problem, and more that maybe we need to put in a hearing aid,” she said.

She also explained that she was afraid that she would have to end her career. “My awareness of this disease was very little. I didn't know that anyone could help me. (…) I was afraid that… I don't know that this is my last album. I simply didn't have the knowledge. When we don't have knowledge, we start to be afraid,” she said.