Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Sara James doesn’t hide her smile in the gray winter weather. New song “Blue” in three versions

Sarah James (Look!) is one of the most popular young artists in Poland. After participating in Junior Eurovision 2021 and gaining great fame in America’s Got Talent a year later, her career does not stand still. She releases new songs every now and then, and her fan base is only growing.

At the end of last year, the young singer decided to take a short break from the English-language repertoire and give her fans her first original song in Polish in over a year. Then she released the song “The whole world is passing me by today” in collaboration with the rapper Szczylem.

On February 23, the singer’s new song premiered – this time in English and recorded in three versions. In one he sings solo and in the others with two different guests. One version of “Blue” was created with the participation of a Belgian vocalist Berreand the second one was recorded with a Swedish singer LOVA.

Sara James’ latest single fits into the slightly slower rhythm of a winter day and the external grayness. “Blue” is an emotional ballad in which the young artist tells the story of a feeling that is not always easy, but extremely valuable. In the message of the song you can find your own experiences, not only romantic ones, but also those associated with friendship and a sense of attachment to another person.

The song “Blue” was created in cooperation with the producer and composer John Samuel, whom Sara met in the United States. This is not the first song these two have collaborated on – Samuel is also the co-author and producer of the single “CTRL ALT DEL”which was released last year.

An atmospheric music video was also created for the song “Blue”, created by the director Kasia Grabek and crew SHOOT ME.

Despite her young age (she will be 16 this year), Sara has achieved many successes that her older colleagues in the industry can only dream of. Recently she has won Fryderyk for Phonographic Debut of the Year and made her debut on the stage of the Forest Opera in Sopot during Polsat SuperHit Festival 2023.

She won the show before “The Voice Kids”and also took second place in Junior Eurovision 2021. Appearance in the American edition “I have a talent” with a song “Rocket Man” it became a viral thing that quickly spread around the Internet. A famous juror of this show Simon Cowell he decided to take Sara under his wing.

– This is something that I don’t understand a little about myself and often you just have to pinch me because it is something beautiful and amazing and never in my life, if someone had asked me 2 years ago if I could do such wonderful things as what I do now is to give people joy, record songs and see smiles on the faces of people who come to these concerts and these views and all that. Amazing and thank you very much, because it’s thanks to you – said Sara James in a conversation with Interia.

In July last year, the singer started cooperation with the Czech star – Ben Cristovao. They met during an international camp for creators, and the result was a song “Brighter Day”. “Just one listen and you will be humming this song all day long,” the artists announced.

A party video was created for the song, recorded in Prague, Czech Republic. The video was produced by the SeeYa team and directed by the SeeYa team Nicolas Sand. The photos were taken in the X10 space and in the market hall in the HoleŇ°ovice district.

The authors of the single “Brighter Day” are Ben and the renowned German production duo FriendsFromCollege. The Polish woman sings the second verse. “Sara has enormous charisma and a talent that comes along once every 50 years. She added a magical element to this song. I’m overjoyed that we could work together,” Cristovao said on the occasion of the premiere.

The 36-year-old son of a Czech mother and an Angolan father previously performed under a pseudonym Benny Cristo. He sold out the largest concert hall in the country (O2 Arena in Prague, 15,000 seats) three times. Recently together with Tribbs presented himself during the opening European Games 2023 in Cracow.