Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Sanah and “Dansing” in Krakow: You can dance, you can jive

We were really greeted by the story of Princess Susan, then a traumatizing video combining the stories of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, and then sanah (check!) rode onto the stage in a coffin, shiny but modest. It sounds like I had too much grass and mushrooms on stage (that’s a quote), but actually it was interesting and quite funny.

Apparently, before going on stage, she said in the dressing room that she was afraid that people in Krakow would not remember her songs and would not want to sing. After the first ones “I miss you” and “Grey World” it was known that this problem would not exist in Tauron. Although the audience showed all its power at the end of the concert with the single known from “Akademia Pana Kleksa”. “I am your fairy tale”. At the same time, I admit, I had chills and I think Sanah did too, because she only covered her mouth and you could see there was genuine surprise there.

She also mentioned that her first “not great” concert, “small for 400 people” (sic!), took place in Krakow. And that after the concert he will probably go to the market square for a jam session, because he really likes the atmosphere of Krakow’s basements, which is why all the clubs organizing jam sessions on Thursday were probably under siege that day.

Well, back to Tauron. After two songs from “Uczta”, the real disco started and the brass section came in “ect.” all in white, she was the hero of the evening until the end. After the next songs, including: “Laces” and “Marzipan”sanah returned to the coffin (well, I know how it sounds) and waited for true love’s kiss that would take away the curse from her.

And he came! A prince with a guitar who became a couple for her. Covered by their hats, they gave each other the kiss of freedom, and when I was about to start raving about it, Sanah said that it was the most krindj moment of her life, so it stopped being krindj for me. I laughed.

Later we heard, for example “I wake up”, “Piece”, “Eyes”, “Irenka” (concerting with brass players – a masterpiece!) or “Kolońska and Szlugi”. There were too “Kisses” and “Nothing twice” – so isn’t it worth going to “Poezyje”, the second part of the route? I think it’s worth it, I’ll definitely check it out.

The only Sanah song I sing is “there’s no one missing, I think I prefer solo” while packing my backpack for the next trip, but I will defend her concerts. I expected a well-prepared performance, and what I got was a nice singer who runs barefoot on the stage and has fun doing it, and arrangements that should have been released on a separate album, because it would be a pity if they were lost. A deep bow to the entire band. It was good dancing.

Recently I was hated for watching Sanah first and then watching the Rolling Stones, and that’s probably not allowed. But, sorry, Sanah has something in common with Mick Jagger – they both take steps counting in thousands on stage.